Need some fun activities for your kids to get them through the day? We’ve pulled together some of our favorites from our partners to keep everyone happy.


Arts & Crafts and Coloring:

Every day is a little more fun when you add in some creativity and have a special homemade souvenir to remember it by.

  • HP Printable Activity Pages:  Our friends at HP have partnered with companies like Crayola, TIME for Kids, Canva, and KiwiCo to bring together hundreds of free, printable activity sheets. Choose from coloring sheets, make at home puzzles, learning worksheets, and graphic magazines to keep your little student entertained. 
  • Crayola Disney Coloring Pages:  Crayola’s free coloring page library has hundreds of printable sheets to choose from. Our favorite is the Disney collection. Whether your kid likes Frozen, Toy Story, or Darth Vader, there’s something for everyone, even you!
  • Prang Activities and Coloring PagesPrang’s library of activity pages provides hours of fun for students of all ages. From simple coloring pages, to more advanced educational content, these downloadable worksheets can help pass the time ad build new skills.
  • Pacon Crafts Projects:  Looking to take your crafting skills to the next level? Pacon’s collection of crafts projects will teach you how to create works of art from simple arts and crafts supplies. From craft stick crates, to 3D paper lions, these activities will challenge artists of all ages.
  • Easy Origami for Kids:  Origami doesn’t have to be difficult. This fun site has over 20 easy origami projects with step by step instructions to create everything from easy origami fish, to a classic swan.
  • Covid-19 Time Capsule:  Natalie Long of LONG Creations developed a printable time capsule full of activities to help your child remember this unique time in their lives. It’s a great way to pass the time and will make a fun memento to look back on in better days.
  • Staples Activities :  Check out these great activities you can do at home, many with arts and crafts supplies you may already have.
Fishy Fun Notebook décor Cork Geoboard
Puzzle Sticks Magnet Masterpiece Scaly Snake
Paper Dolls Sponge Toss Marble Maze


Lesson Plans and Educational Resources:

Teachers and parents are proving to be total rock stars when it comes to homeschooling. When you need a little help supplementing your schedule, check these out.

  • Scholastic Learn at Home:  Scholastic is a leader in educational materials and youth content, and they’ve put together an extensive, age appropriate learning program for students from pre-K to 9th grade. Get daily lessons in math, science, and history. Check out profiles of young people doing amazing things and take virtual field trips.
  • Crayola Home Learning Series:  Crayola has pulled together a set of resources for both parents and teachers including art infused lesson plans, as well as activities in math, reading and science infused with art to make family time a learning adventure.
  • Carson Dellosa Education Free Printable Activities:  Check out these grade specific activity books featuring lessons across language, math, STEM, and seasonal activities to keep your student learning from home.
  • PBS Learning Media:  Access dozens of hours of free streaming and downloadable content for all ages, built around educational standards-aligned lesson plans, regionally personalized for you and your family.
  • Khan Academy:  The leader in free, online education, Khan academy is a great resource for students and parents looking to continue their education during this time. Whether your child wants to get ahead, or needs some help catching up, Khan Academy’s personalized lesson plans allow them to take advantage of trusted content at their own pace
  • Teachers Pay Teachers:  Teachers Pay Teachers is the go-to place for educators to share resources and lessons plans they’ve developed to teach your student. With over 3 million free and paid resources, it is one of the most extensive educational resources around. And when you buy lessons from Teachers Pay Teachers, you’ll be helping out those teachers who you have come to appreciate more than ever.


Digital Tools and Apps:

While we may be physically distant from others right now, there are still plenty of ways to connect with friends and enjoy some fun and games from the comfort of your own home.

  • YouTube’s #WithMe channel:  The team at YouTube have launched their Stay Home #WithMe project so we can help support those who aren’t able to stay home. Checkout fun channels like “Bake With Me”, “Experiment With Me”, or “Dance With Me”
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga:  Looking for a way to work out a wiggle worm? Try Cosmic Kids Yoga! These mini workouts for kids 3+ teach children the basics of yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation in fun, themed workouts.
  • Marco Polo:  It can be tough to stay connected with friends and family when everyone is stuck at home. Sometimes a text or an email doesn’t cut it, and sometimes you can’t get everyone together for that facetime call. That’s where Marco Polo steps in. Create groups and leave video messages people can watch on their own time. It’s private and secure so you don’t have to worry.
  • Facebook Groups:  Facebook Groups is a great way to stay connected with your community and can help all kinds of people. Whether you’re a teacher looking for a new way to connect with your students, a sports team trying to
  • PBS Kids Games and Videos:  Find your favorite PBS kids shows plus free educational games all together in one fun, interactive dashboard.