Shmuel Septimus, founder and president of Skilled Nursing Facility Marketing (SNF for short), is one of many small business owners looking for a way to adapt in a COVID-19 world. One question that was constantly on his mind was, “How am I going to continue growing my business when my clientele, nursing home operators, are fighting for survival?”


He found an answer that wasn’t easy ­– but it was doable.


SNF Marketing is known for filming and producing virtual nursing home tours, giving families peace of mind before deciding on a residential care facility for loved ones. Once the virus hit, they pressed pause on this operation and took a hard look at their lesser-known services.


Soon after, they decided to ramp up online content marketing offerings, shifting their focus to web design and social media management. This way, SNF Marketing was able to still work with their clients from a safe distance and provide them with equally valuable assets.


The company also produces a podcast called The Nursing Home Podcast which gives an unprecedented look into the complex world of nursing homes. They quickly realized they had insider knowledge and could help other small businesses who may be struggling. They decided to become a liaison between service providers and nursing home operators, helping to build all business involved.


Despite the negativity surrounding COVID-19, Shmuel was able to find a silver lining. “These are difficult times but I'm excited to help others succeed,” he said. “Businesses will adapt and afterward, I'm hoping we will see a world of authentic communication in our personal and professional lives.”