This profile series aims to bring some realness to the work-from-home conversation and hopefully, a bit of levity as we navigate the new normal of social distancing. At the end of the day, we are all in this together trying to do the best we can. 


Hunter W. from Ocean View, HI


What type of work do you do and how long have you been working from home?

I work in sales support for a major technology company. I have been working 100% remotely for over five years.


Describe your work-from-home setup.  

Dual-screen setup running off a notebook PC.  Virtually all my work is done via the computer.


What do you do to get into work mode?

Before I start work, I devote time to my own personal hygiene. I also make time to review various news outlets and my own personal messages in email and/or phone. I basically do the same things in the morning before work that I did before I started working remotely, but the commute is cut out of the equation.  


Are there any work-from-home challenges that you find surprising?

I would not say there were any challenges that were surprising, but I do think it is important to be self-motivated. I actually find it much easier because there are far less distractions than I had when going to an office and being in a building surrounded by peers. 


What are you most looking forward to when you can go back to the office?

I will likely never visit an office in my current position, but if I did, I would most enjoy meeting my peers in person. Aside from one person, I have never met anyone on my team in person, only virtually on the phone or instant message system.


What’s the one work-from-home item that you can’t live without (besides your computer and cell phone)?

A comfortable, Posturepedic chair and dual monitors for the computer.


Based on this experience, would you elect to work from home permanently?

Absolutely. It is a great setup for me and my employer. This is exhibited due to the fact that the top performers on my team are 100% remote. Some of our team are based in an office, and for some reason they never seem to be able to get the same amount of work done as those of us that are remote.  Metrics reflect this.


And finally… Real clothes, comfy clothes or a combination of both?

I wear both. Comfy clothes, but not anything that would prevent me from starting a video chat with my manager at any time.