This profile series aims to bring some realness to the work-from-home conversation and hopefully, a bit of levity as we navigate the new normal of social distancing. At the end of the day, we are all in this together trying to do the best we can. 


Jacob E. from Ocean View, HI


What type of work do you do and how long have you been working from home?

I work for a major technology company as an analyst who supports sales teams. I have been working from home for just about two years now.


Describe your work-from-home setup.  

My work-from-home setup is manageable and does the job. I work next to my partner who is in the same group/role as I am in so it’s easier to assist one another throughout our day-to-day shifts. Personally, I wish we had a dedicated room in our house for an office, but our house isn’t large at all, so we’re limited on space. Overall, I am comfortable and can do my job with ease.


What do you do to get into work mode?

I wake up 45 minutes prior to my scheduled shift to get my coffee going, let my dog out, warm the house up, and use the restroom if necessary. My few morning tasks that I accomplish set me up for being alert and awake upon sitting down at my computer whether it be earlier than my shift or right on time.


Are there any work-from-home challenges that you find surprising?

Personally, I don’t find any of the challenges necessarily surprising as I’ve worked in an office and worked from home. Working from home has its battles with Internet here and there (depending on tropical weather), but that’s expected. I wouldn’t say communicating virtually is necessarily a challenging surprise as you know you can’t be in person to discuss or resolve issues/complications that may arise. Any work-from-home individual knows that communicating via email and IM is slightly different than in person as body language and personality aren’t as distinct in writing.


What are you most looking forward to when you can go back to the office?

I am not returning to the office as I am a permanent work-from-home employee; however, if I were to return to an office, the one thing I would look forward to is seeing my peers.


What’s the one work-from-home item that you can’t live without (besides your computer and cell phone)?

I will provide two as I think one is blatantly obvious for work-from-home employees: 1) Internet – without that, I can’t do my job; and 2) My desk – my desk holds everything I need throughout my day including my computer, files and notepads/pens to jot any and everything down that’s necessary to note throughout my day.


Based on this experience, would you elect to work from home permanently?

Yes. My role already calls for me working from home permanently as I live in Hawaii and our team is located mainly in Texas with satellite offices throughout the world. I would love to be able to work from home for the rest of my career if lucky enough to do so.


And finally… Real clothes, comfy clothes or a combination of both?

I typically go between the two. My real clothes are still comfortable to me, but if you’re referring to office attire, I never wear that whilst working from home. I do not look like a scrub, but I do enjoy my comfy clothes and would still be presentable if a live webcam chat was required.