One of the biggest challenges of working from home is making space to be productive. The solution? Create a “pop-up” workspace with all your essentials that can be stowed at the end of the workday. Here’s how some of your fellow work-from-homers are keeping their work and home lives separate:


“I use all my travel chargers and plug them into a single surge protector strip. This allows me to have one thing to unplug and pack away at the end of the day.”   –– Sunder, Brooklyn, NY

“I have a desk accessory set that is fully loaded with scissors, pens, paper clips and everything else I need. I just pick it up and put it under the coffee table at the end of the day so it’s out of sight. It’s also super easy to bring back the next morning.”   –– Jenny, Acton, MA

“I use a big desk calendar as a base for my “desk.” The calendar gives me a firmer base for my laptop and notebook. I just slide it under the sofa at the end of the day and my desk disappears.”   –– Jenny, Acton, MA

“I have a big Tupperware box and at the end of the day I pack everything into it and slide it under the dining room table.  It’s the break in the day I need to transition from work to life.” –– Rebecca, Palo Alto, CA

“I work at my kitchen counter which can be distracting. To help me keep my work stuff feeling separate from life, I have all my supplies in different shades of blue so it feels cohesive and I have a visual cue for my workspace.”  –– John, Louisville, KY

“We have an antique gong in our living room that we never used before, but I’ve been using it to let the kids know when I’m done with work for the day. I love to sound the gong and then I hear them come charging across the house to give me a hug.” –– Bill, Sudbury, MA