It might be hard to get motivated and stay focused on your to-do list if your workspace is in a state of disarray. Miscellaneous supplies, papers and files and even leftover dishes from lunch have a sneaky way of accumulating and might be taking up valuable real estate on your desk. By keeping your workspace organized in a way that best suits your personality, you can make sure that you have all of the materials you need where you can easily access them, while creating a space where you can be most productive.  


Here are a few ways that you can help corral the clutter and set yourself up for success.  


Utilize storage solutions:  

  • A desktop caddy is a great way to keep all your supplies – you can either purchase one that meets your needs or you can use something that you have at home such as a vase to keep all your writing utensils together. 

  • If you have a desk drawer, utilize drawer dividers to keep your supplies organized (group together by use, color or type of supply).  


Tap Unused Space

  • Use wall hooks to hang up headphones between conference calls
  • Hang a pinboard or magnetic whiteboard either above or next to your desk to keep track of important documents, reminders and other items that you use or review frequently for easy access.  

Keep It Simple

  • Keep some space open on your desk that you can use to review materials, organize or write notes.  
  • Try to keep it minimal – limit the amount of supplies and files on your desk so the clutter doesn’t reduce your productivity. This goes with personal effects too – while it’s great to have a few pictures or items that have significance to you, having too much within your workspace can be distracting.  
  • Keep items that you use every day – notebook, writing utensils, files – easily accessible so you aren’t constantly searching for them.  

Keeping your workspace organized can help you focus and reduce distractions. Whether your workspace is in a dedicated office in the corner of your living room, or at your dining room table,  having what you need easily accessible and the clutter corralled can set you up to tackle that to-do list each day.