One of the biggest challenges of working from home is making space to be productive. The solution? Create a “pop-up” workspace with all your essentials that can be stowed at the end of the workday.


Staples' go-to stylist, Lizzy Williams, shares her inspiration for creating this custom DIY WFH storage solution plus she gives the play by play steps she followed so you can make your own!


My goal when designing this office box was to give you many options to store lots of different items but not end up with a jumbled junk drawer box. The Martha Stewart pouch slid over the box gives you great storage for pens, scissors both visible and hidden options for your multiple markers you only use a few times a week. I also like storage I can see through for everyday items so I chose this see through envelope so you wouldn't have to wonder if you put your cables/flash drives away, or where you last left your receipt. I added the cork board because if you are like me then your probably always writing yourself a quick note or like to hang a polaroids of your cute dog.


Tools needed:

  • Glue gun 
  • Scissors  
  • Tape 
  • Ruler
  • Permanent marker


Products to make box:

  • File box - we used Martha Stewart's Stack and Fit File Box in white
  • Small pen/pen pouch - Gold
  • Large pen pouch - Grey
  • Cork tiles
  • Map pins
  • Plastic envelopes - choose your favorite colors!
  • Washi tape - customize with your favorite pattern!
  • Supplies to fill your box - grab all your go-tos: pens, post-its, charging cables, etc.
Get all the supplies you need at your local Staples store or have it delivered today with Instacart: Shop the look.

Step by step instructions:



Lay out tools before you start (see list above).


Measure file folder to fit in lid.


Use a glue gun to glue the folder inside the lid, aligned to the bottom of the lid.


Use your ruler to measure the cork board 1" x 12.75 wide.  Mark your measurements using a permanent marker.


Use scissors to cut the cork board you measured.


Lay lid down, inside facing up, and use the glue gun to glue cork board tight to the top of your box.


Trim edges of a plastic envelope so it fits into box (approximately 1/4" on each side) then tape sides of envelope shut.


Cut gold pen pouch elastic in the center of elastic.


Place gold pen pouch in the center of the envelope closure (Tip: you may want to use tape to temporarily hold the pen holder in place on front of the envelope while you glue the elastic so it doesn't wiggle around).


Open the envelope closer and hot glue elastic to the back of the envelope closer.  Close the envelope. (Warning: do not use too high heat of a glue gun or you will melt the envelope, just a basic glue gun here is best).


Stand the lid up on the back of the box so you can measure how high you want your envelope to be when the box is in use. Mark where you would like it to be.


Lay lid back down and hot glue envelope to the inside of the lid.


Slide the large grey pouch over the bottom of the box.


Fill the box with all your to-go desk box items.


Bask in the glory of knowing you are crafty and fabulous!