As families transition to virtual learning this year, finding space in your home for your children to work while keeping them focus can seem like an impossible task. A fun way to reduce distractions and add some personality to their workspace is a custom divider or “schoolbicle” you can make yourself with easy to find products.


Start with the basics

The basis for this project is a piece of 3 panel posterboard. It comes in white, but you can easily pick up some craft paints and personalize it with your kids’ favorite color. Keep critical supplies close at hand to reduce the need to move around and find things throughout the day. Use a pencil cup and some Command strips to create a mini supply closet. Use a Command hook to get your calendar with important assignments and projects attached front and center. Don’t forget to add Post-It notes for easy access when last minute reminders pop up.


Think outside the pencil box

Virtual learning requires so much more than the standard school supplies you buy every year. Check out our virtual learning checklists for great ideas to help your student stay on-track this year. Some of our favorites include mini whiteboards for school reminders or words of inspiration. USB drives to store their work, and ergonomic computer accessories to improve comfort and reduce fatigue like a new mouse pad or more comfortable chair.


Get Personal

Half the fun of this project is personalizing it for each of your kids. Little touches can brighten their day motivate them to keep doing their best. Get letter stickers to spell out their names, or use little stars and sports shapes to fill in space between accessories. Cut out some inspirational messages, and don’t forget some fun pictures of their friends.


Whether you’re trying to help your kids focus, or need a fun activity to occupy them on the weekend, these virtual learning dividers are a great activity you can do yourself.