Brewing your morning cup in your trusty Keurig® coffeemaker is likely second nature for you, especially now as more and more of us are working from home. But could it beat your favorite coffee shop? We’ve got some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your machine and give your local baristas a run for their money.


Hotter the better. The ideal brewing temperature is 195–205 degrees Fahrenheit to extract the best flavor from the grounds. Colder water won’t taste as rich so be sure to use the highest temperature setting on your Keurig brewer, likely in the range of 180–190 degrees Fahrenheit.


Filter for flavor. Tap water is just fine on its own, but depending on the pH or mineral content, it can impart unintended flavors into your coffee. Filtering helps purify the water and leaves just the coffee beans to shine.


Check the weight. The amount of ground coffee inside of a K-Cup® pod varies from roast to roast, brand to brand. They can range from about 9 grams to upwards of 12 grams. The more you brew, the more flavorful your cup will be.


Less is more. The average K-Cup pod is going to yield 6 to 8 ounces of brewed coffee (grams matter here as well). So, when selecting the size of your cup, avoid the larger sizes as the coffee will be weaker and more diluted the higher you go.


Brew longer. The strong setting of your Keurig coffeemaker adds 30 seconds to the total brew time. While it might not sound like a lot, that little extra bit of brewing extracts additional flavor from the grounds and helps create a richer, smoother cup.


Go reusable. Consider upgrading to a reusable K-Cup filter. There’s less waste, you can control the exact amount of ground coffee to brew and start sampling coffees that aren’t available in pod packs — like your local coffee shop’s house blend and more.


If you’re really looking to up your ground coffee game, here are a few more tips for you to test out.


Grind your own. There’s only one way to guarantee the freshest cup possible and that’s by picking up a bag of whole bean coffee and grinding it yourself. You’ll want a burr grinder and a scale to use with a reusable filter so you can be as precise as possible.


Coarse vs. fine. Once you start grinding coffee, you can decide how finely or coarsely ground you’d like it to be. For Keurig brewers and other pour-over options, a medium grind is your best bet for maximum flavor. Especially fine grinds may get caught in your reusable filters and is something to watch out for.


Can’t wait to be your own barista? Visit your local Staples® store to explore the latest brewers and the biggest brands in coffee.