It’s time to take a break from the computer! Encourage kids to put the laptops down and spend a few minutes doing something fun on their break.


We know students are working hard to do the best they can in school right now, even though many of them are learning from home in a new environment. Part of what will make them even more successful in their classes is taking breaks. Let them know that breaks are good for them! Breaks can help get out excess energy, refocus and rest the brain. When they have those recess or lunch breaks, make sure they take the time to get away from the screens and do something that is fun and will help their brain reset.


Here are some activities from Staples and Happy Camper Live that kids can do on their next break! Just make sure they are not disrupting their virtual class when they do them.


Try Some Science Experiments

Science is a fun way to combine skills learned in class with real life experiences. Have the supplies ready and share these fun science experiments with your kids.


Launch a soda bottle rocket and see how high it can go! You’ll need an empty soda bottle, a cork, three tablespoons of baking soda, vinegar, paper towels, tape and three pencils. Decorate your soda bottle to make it look like a real rocket, then follow the instructions and let it launch. This experiment should be completed outside where there is plenty of open space.


Slime is another fun science experiment that you can do on your break. Make the perfect galaxy slime using a bowl, water, 1 container of clear Elmer’s glue, glitter, food coloring, and ¼ cup of liquid starch. Follow the instructions to get the best slime. This is another experiment that is best done outside because it can get messy. Once made, you can play with the slime and use it to de-stress.


Make a paper airplane and let it soar! For this one, you just need foldable paper, scissors, a poster board and a pack of markers. You’ll create a board with various holes that score different levels of points if you get your airplane through it. This experiment can be done inside or outside, but it might be best for inside if it’s a windy day! You don’t want your airplane catching a gust and blowing into the street or into a neighbor’s yard.


Get Crafty

Crafts are a fun activity to do on your breaks because you get to have a finished product that you can look at or use over and over again. Being creative is shown to increase happiness, help with focus and flow, and improve mental health.


Learn to fold tiny 3D stars that you can give to your family members or use as room decorations. All you need is a pack of markers, colorful paper and scissors. You’ll be a folding star expert in no time! If you want to make them really sparkle, use glitter glue to decorate them.


Got a spare bottle cap from your juice? Make a bottle cap banjo that you can use on your future breaks. For this, you’ll need bottle caps, rubber bands, big popsicle sticks, glue and fun tape to decorate the handle.


Scrapbooking is a really fun way to highlight school memories and photos with friends. Grab some of your favorite pictures or mementos (tickets from the school carnival, notes from friends, or other fun things), colored paper, markers, scissors, tape, ribbon and glitter. Then get to crafting. You can write fun descriptions under each of your photos so you’ll always remember what made you laugh or what your favorite cafeteria food was. Even though this year might look different you’ll have these memories from previous school years to look back on!


Make A Movie

Did you know that a movie is more than just filming you and your friends doing funny things? For a movie to really work you have to have a concept, characters and conflict.


Making a movie involves character development, storyboarding, outlining a list of scenes to film, creating costumes, finding props and so much more. Making a movie is a great activity to do while you’re spending more time at home because you can get the writing part done and create a plan so you and your friends are ready for filming day.


Follow these 10 steps to make your own movie. Most importantly, get creative and have fun with it!


Take a break with one of these ideas, and let us know what activity you liked the best! Visit Happy Camper Live for more fun break activities.