As with everything else in 2020, wish lists and gift lists may look a little different this year.  In recent holiday seasons, gifting has been trending towards experiences, but with virtually all travel, concerts, and events on hold for the time being, gifts that enhance the recipient’s time at home are ideal.  And if you can’t be with everyone on your list this year, you can gift items that make a difference in their daily lives.


We curated our top picks for 2020 gifts to help get everyone on your list what they really need to increase comfort and productivity at home. From tech productivity boosters, to thoughtful and comforting classics – make their time working and learning at home the best it can be.


Top 10 Gifts for Working from Home

What do you get the person working from the comfort of their own home? Gifts that make them even more comfortable, organized, productive and healthy. Our top picks are totally wish list worthy.


Work from Home 1: Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 6

From monitoring blood oxygen levels to ECG to sleep patterns and every movement- this apple watch is an amazing wearable health indicator. With so many people dealing with a totally different daily routine, get them the gift that will make daily healthy decisions second nature.

Work from Home 2: Tzumi ION UV Phone Sanitizer

Tzumi ION UV Phone Sanitizer

You can’t go anywhere nowadays without seeing hand sanitizer, but have you considered how many germs could be on our phones? Keep your loved ones safe with a solution for keeping their most prized possessions clear of germs. Bonus: it also works on earbuds, keys, watches etc.


Work from Home 3: HP OfficeJet Pro Printer

HP OfficeJet PRO Printer

Working form home in sweatpants sounds great – until you realize it’s back to back virtual meetings without any of the company supplied office perks. A reliable high-quality printer is the perfect gift to make your loved one’s work week better. This pick comes with an integrated app, service solutions and an option to sign up for HP instant ink, so they can stay focused on the task at hand.


Work from Home 4: Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

Dogs barking, partners typing, and kids’ virtual learning has become the backdrop for so many people working from home. Give them the gift of silence with these best-in-class earbuds! Features like Bluetooth (hands free!), Active Noise Cancellation, and Transparency Mode make these the best choice for working and living seamlessly.

Learn from Home 5: HP 24in LED Monitor

HP 24” LED Monitor

A monitor can turn makeshift desk set ups to productivity hot spots. Consider upgrading your loved one’s space to give them back the efficiency of their office set up. This HP pick won’t break the bank and 24” is what most workers need to up their productivity.

Work from Home 6: Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker

Coffee breaks: a workday necessity in order to keep one’s sanity. Give your loved one the gift of this special routine that they can keep up with right from their home. Keurig’s Duo coffee maker has the option of single serve to start your morning on the right foot, or make a carafe to share a cup.

Work from Home 7: Tzumi On-Air Halo Ring Light

Tzumi On Air Halo Ring Light

Good lighting can make all the difference and can even give a confidence boost for someone giving an important presentation. This can make the perfect gift for workers who have it all to take their meetings, video podcasts, or vlogs to the next level.

Work from Home 8: Gry Mattr Sherpa-lined Plush Blanket

Gry Mattr Sherpa-lined Plush Blanket

The most comforting item on the list, this Sherpa-lined blanket is sure to be their favorite new work from home accessory. Spoil them with an item they may not spring for themselves, but you can be sure they will use.

Work from Home 9: Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15.6

Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15.6 Notebook

Slow computer speeds with minimal functions can be the biggest productivity killer. Get them what they really want – a portable notebook to make working from anywhere easy. It also comes with Windows 10 so they can jump right in to catching up on email.

Work from Home 10: Blue Sky Planner

Day Designer 2021 Planner, 8.5” x 11”

Time in front of screens is at an all-time high, a trend which only seems to be increasing. This makes a tangible planner the perfect gift. Beautiful patterns will make them want to organize and plan with this practical selection that looks great in any home office.



Top 10 Gifts for Learning from Home

Find the perfect gifts for all the schoolkids on your list. Here are our top picks to make their remote learning days a little easier and a lot more fun.

Learn from Home 1: Apple iPad 8

Apple iPad 8

Gift your learner a tool to give them a leg up this year with their own tablet. Students are now becoming pros at digital learning and an iPad is the perfect gift to enhance their curriculum with all kinds of apps for students – and maybe a few games of after-school Candy Crush.

Learn from Home 2: Apple Pencil

Apple iPad Pencil

A perfect stocking stuffer to accompany an iPad, or for the student who has it all. Art time can be any time using the apple pencil and a drawing app. It also can be great for kids to keep their penmanship skills, by using it to take handwritten digital notes.

Learn from Home 3: Vartan Gaming Chair

Vartan Gaming Chair

Sitting at a desk all day attending virtual classes is far from a kid’s ideal learning environment. New seating can be the perfect gift to create a comfortable and exciting space for your at-home learner. With features like adjustable arms and a 135-degree reclining seat, this chair does double duty as a desk chair and the gaming chair of their dreams.

Learn from Home 4: Kids' Cloth Masks

Kids’ cloth masks

No one could have predicted that face masks would become the next fashion statement, but kids love having their favorite characters everywhere. You can never have too many of this safety accessory and buying masks with fun new prints like Minecraft and dinosaurs can get kids excited to keep safe.

Learn from Home 5: Puzzle


Everyone loves a gift that delivers an experience for their loved ones. With more traditional options like movie tickets off the table this year, opt for fun family activities like puzzles instead. A new puzzle is a great option to add to the family game night rotation.

Learn from Home 6: Apple AirPods

Apple Airpods bluetooth earbuds

New technology will always be an exciting pick for kids. Perfect for watching a moving on a tablet while lessening noise for the rest of the house, or for concentrating on a teacher’s virtual lesson while eliminating outside distractions.

Learn from Home 7: Kids' Blue-light Blocking Glasses

Kids’ Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Increased screen time equates to more eye strain for your virtual learners. Blue light-blocking glasses are a necessity for learning from home these days. Shop our selection for fashionable kids’ options they’ll want to wear.

Learn from Home 8: Lap Desk

Lapgear Lap Desk

Help your student take advantage of one of the learn from home perks – homework anywhere. This Lapgear lap desk allows them to do their schoolwork from their favorite comfy spot, even in bed.  With a flat top perfect for a laptop or notebook, a slot to hold their phone, pencil or stylus, and a cushion underneath with a cute pattern, this gift will quickly become their new favorite.

Learn from Home 9: Blue Sky 2021 Wall Calendar

Blue Sky 2021 Wall Calendar

A large desk calendar with patterns available to match their accessories will be a huge hit. Kids can jot down and keep track of assignments and due dates at a glance, without having to power on a device, keeping their productivity high.

Learn from Home 10: Crayola Paint Sets

Crayola paint sets

There is more to the school experience than studying and assignments. Kids love having a chance to break up their day with a creative break. A new paint set is the perfect gift to practice hands-on art skills and have a blast.


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