Nothing about the year 2020 can be described as easy. With so much of daily life disrupted with health and safety concerns due to Covid-19, most of us have become pros at adapting to new challenges. Among all the changes to our schedules is our workday. Many Americans have found themselves working from home full time, sometimes for the first time. While work settings may have changed, productivity doesn’t have to.


Whether you are looking to put your best foot forward with a company with an impressive looking resume or presentation, or wow you’re customers with an amazing un-boxing, or just looking to reduce screen time with simple print outs, give yourself a much needed boost this year by enlisting the help of Staples services to get the job done right. Check out the top 5 work from home tasks to outsource that you haven’t yet considered.


  1. Professional Printing

You may miss the social interaction or productivity that took place in the office most, but many offices also provided important amenities to help get the job done, often industry specific tasks. Think of Staples for those niche print jobs next time. Staples offers printing  from blueprints to brochures, booklets, resumes and more. Complete the presentation with add-ons like custom sizing, lamination, folding, hole-punching, and binding.


  1. Document Printing

Did you know that you can print whatever you’re working on in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint right to a Staples store? It’s never been easier to give your eyes a break from the screen and switch over to a hard copy. If it’s something you reference often, print it out to always have it on hand.


  1. Labels, Packaging, and Shipping

Starting up a side hustle at home this year? Perfect the un-boxing experience for your customers with custom labels  and beautiful packaging. Complete the process all in one place and ship with UPS from your local Staples stores.


  1. Faxing and Scanning

Email may be the main form of communication these days but have a plan for those one-off faxing and scanning needs. Keep your home office simplified by heading to Staples to scan and fax right to email quickly with self-serve capabilities verses buying another machine.


  1. Shredding

With tax season coming soon, get rid of your space consuming documents safely with shredding services provided by Iron Mountain. Bring in your paper to drop off into a locked bin and be sure your private information will be handled confidentially and securely.