One of the biggest perks of being able to work remotely, whether full or part time, or for school or a job, is the option to work from anywhere. People are choosing to work from a traditional office setting less and less and opting for more flexible locations. The locations they are choosing could be a hybrid of school/work and home, or completely working on the go either from local coffee shops or coworking spaces or traveling for work or leisure.


If you are in this mobile situation you may find yourself missing a convenience that allowed you to be totally efficient in a fixed office location. A second screen! While grabbing your laptop and throwing it in a work bag makes for simple travel, it does not provide you that same experience of sitting down and multi-tasking with multiple screens, throwing a spreadsheet up on one and your email on another. Jack Yao, co-founder of Mobile Pixels Inc., recognized this issue and created the perfect solution, a portable screen that attaches to the side of your laptop. No more compromising on an efficient workday versus working on the go.


Jack was constantly frustrated by the lack of a secondary monitor that could help him work more efficiently. Feeling strangely nostalgic about the work monitor he used at his previous job, he decided to build a laptop monitor from a broken laptop.



What is the Mobile Pixels Trio Max?

The Mobile Pixels Trio series is a type of portable laptop monitors made by Mobile Pixels. The screens magnetize to the back of any laptop. Simply slide the Trio out to deploy the screen, plug in the cable and it is ready to be used. This a game changer for anyone who is accustomed to the efficiency of using more than one screen. For those who need even more screen space, you can clip two monitors together for an extra screen on the left and the right (three-screen mode), making it perfect for trading, gaming and programming. Learn more about the Mobile Pixels Trio Max here.


How did it come to be?

While studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Jack felt hampered by the lack of screen space when he was working away from a desktop computer during his internship at Amazon. He wondered; wouldn’t it be great if there is a portable monitor that can slide out from behind the laptop? That was how Mobile Pixels Inc. was born.


Together with Stephen, Jack’s cofounder and roommate, who attended Northeastern University (NEU), they started prototyping the Mobile Pixels Trio and began conducting market research. With funding from both MIT and NEU, Stephen and Jack finished the prototype and launched a presale campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. That collected over $1.5MM in preorder revenue for their first product, and eventually $1.6MM in preorders for the Trio series, their second product.


Where can you buy it?

The Mobile Pixels Trio Max was discovered as part of the first-ever Staples Connect Breakthrough Project, designed to accelerate the path to market for small businesses and entrepreneurs by providing an opportunity to be featured in Staples Connect stores. Jack and Stephen’s invention advanced to the final stages and they presented it in a virtual, face-to-face meeting with a Staples Connect buyer. The Mobile Pixels Trio is now available at these Staples stores.


Have your own idea?

Staples Connect will be reviewing products for consideration in their stores year-round that support working and learning.