As I type this, I’m looking around my freshly organized office and taking a moment to reflect on what productivity means to me and how I achieve it. I am passionate about my work and I love what I do, but at times it can feel overwhelming. When I’m disorganized, I’m not productive. I can’t seem to focus and the tasks never get done. But when my office is clean, my mind is clear and I can really hone in on my productivity!


So in this post, I’m going to share my top 5 office essentials for getting #allthethings DONE! Conveniently, they are all found at your local Staples store if you’re interested in getting them for your classroom or office space! Check out the Staples possibilities book here as well!


Let’s dive in.


1. Poppin Notebooks + Poppin Sticky Notes Ball

What are they? These Poppin mini-notebooks are the perfect size to carry in your purse or backpack and they come in a variety of colors, which makes them perfect for color coding tasks! The sticky notes ball is exactly how it sounds-- it’s a ball of sticky notes so that you can keep all of your thoughts and lists in one organized spot (instead of posting them around your computer screen....).

Why I love them: I love all things Poppin-- a line sold at my favorite office supply store, Staples! I have a ton of different projects going on (curriculum,        classroom makeovers, decor line, conferences, etc.) and I like to color code my tasks. I designate a color per task to stay organized. For example, the mint green poppin notebook + the mint green sticky notes are solely focused on my classroom decor line. This helps me accomplish everything before important deadlines.




2. Sharpie gel pens + Crayola erasable Highlighters

What are they? First of all, Sharpie gel pens are the smoothest and most swoon-worthy pen out there! They glide perfectly on paper and this is coming from someone who is insanely picky about pens. Need I say more?! The erasable highlighters are awesome because I’m a human and I make mistakes! They erase so easily and it makes it simple to reverse something if I need to.

Why I love them: The Sharpie gel pens are the only pens you’ll ever need again. They last a long time and they write extremely well. The erasable highlighters are purposeful and innovative. They allow me to make mistakes and easily correct them.




3. Productivity Cube

What is it? The productivity cube is a device that helps you stay focused on a task for 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes at a time. You simply place it with the amount of time you need face up, turn it on, and get to work! Then, it’ll notify you when the time is up so that you can move to your next task. 

Why I love it: The productivity cube is a GAME CHANGER. I often find myself feeling scatterbrained, but knowing that I have a dedicated 20 minutes to an individual task is exactly what I need to be productive.





4. Ello Ceramic Coffee Mug

What is it? This ceramic coffee mug is not only gorgeous, but it holds the fuel that keeps me going in the morning-- tea! It keeps liquids warm and has a wide handle for easy gripping.

Why I love it: Whether you’re a coffee or tea lover, this mug is easily portable, fashionable, AND it is saving the environment from single use cups and plastic.





5. Staples Print Station for Classroom Decor

What is it? The print station at Staples is GOLD. For my classroom decor line which is available for download on my website,,I have to do a lot of printing and Staples prints everything from posters to invitations. It’s conveniently accessible at your local store.

Why I love it: I love the Staples print station for a few reasons. First, the customer service is exceptional. They always seem to understand my project and how to pull it off. Next, the quality of print beats any other printer I’ve seen. And lastly, the convenience of placing an order. I’m a fan of ordering online and then picking it up. Staples print station is how I can achieve the classroom transformations I do.




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