Your everyday tasks can be a source of beauty, motivation and creativity.


You use your planner every day. That’s why it should fill you with joy every time you open it. That means making it gorgeous and making sure  it expresses who you are. With the right tools and supplies, your daily routine can become a thing of beauty that inspires you to stay on top of your tasks. Plus, the process of organizing and beautifying your schedule for the week can help you relax and focus on what’s coming next.



How to get organized – beautifully


  1. The first step is to discover what inspires you. Is it color-coordination? Is it beautiful patterns? Is it quotes that keep you going no matter what? Get a pad of Post-it® Notes and write one idea on each – whether that’s something you saw out in the world that made you happy or just an idea, like “Find more inspirational quotes.” Once you’ve got those notes, collect what you need to make them reality – markers, supplies, Post-it® Flags – whatever you need to make your planner beautiful.



  1. Open your planner to the coming week (you don’t have to do this on Sunday – it’s never a bad time to start!) and get inspirational. Use the supplies you’ve gathered to make what you love come to life.





  1. Leave some space for last-minute inspiration! Using Scotch® Washi Tape, mark out empty spaces where you can write down what inspires you during the week. You might run across a quote or an idea that you love, or maybe you’ll be able to use the space to express your gratitude for the best moments in your week. Either way, borders and backgrounds with beautiful colors, patterns and shine can help you make your planner a unique work of art.




When you take the time to make your planner truly yours, you’re taking the time to treat yourself to inspiration every single day. With the right supplies, you can stick and re-stick tasks and goals over and over, making your planner a versatile touchstone that moves with you throughout the week. By making it beautiful, you’ll be treating yourself to a moment of beauty whenever you open the cover – and that’s a moment every one of us needs.



This article was written in partnership with 3M