DIY Flower painting


Follow along for step by step instructions to re-create your own version of this orange flower painting. We have included a list of all the supplies you need and how to use them. Painting suppllies are available at Staples Stores or on Instacart with same-day delivery. Shop Instacart here.






Select any sized canvas for this project


Brush set:

White Taklon Round # 2340502 (3 flat brushes used- 1",1/2" and 1/4")


Paints (all Basics brand)

  • Cadmium orange Hue # 2796148
  • Mars Black- #2796168
  • Bright Aqua Green #2796151
  • Cadmium Red Medium Hue-#2796146
  • Cadmium Yellow Light Hue #2796144
  • Cadmium Yellow medium Hue #2796143
  • Titanium White #279635




Step 1:

A good painting always starts with a good sketch or layout-see panel one. Paint the center using Mars black and continue about ½" up into the petals.





Step 2:

Paint the pedals using Cadmium Orange and let it dry for about 10 minuets before adding the back ground using Bright Aqua green.




Step 3:

Using the flat brush apply Cadmium Red to your brush (no water and make sure the brush is not very wet) then add some red streaks to your painting in various areas of the petals, on top and along the sides.




Step 4:

Using the ½" flat brush, apply Cadmium yellow light to your brush and sweep the yellow on the sides and top of the flower petal with paint strokes.




 Step 5:

Using the ½" flat brush, apply Cadmium yellow medium to your brush. Brush on the Yellow Medium on the entirity of the flower pedals with paint strokes.




Step 6:

Using your ¼" flat brush to apply the Teal along the top and outer edge of the pedals with long and random strokes. Then taking the Mars black, add some black along the side of the pedals. Wash your brush and then take some teal paint and blend it in a little with the black as shown. Take a top of a cup and with white paint lightly make a circle around the rim for thecenter of the flower.





Step 7:

Using your ½" flat brush, apply Teal to your brush and brush on some additional teal strokes on each of the petals. Thentake your Mars black and fill in the center circle with thick paint. Using your ¼" flat brush and the Cadmium Red, dip your brush and dab on one side of the circle as shown. Clean brush off. Then dip your brush and dab in the center of the flower. Clean brush off. Final step is to use your Titanium White and dip and dab on the top of the flower. The center of the flower should be heavy in paint so you will need to give it time to dry.  Enjoy your painting!