I’ll be honest, I’m not the most organized person in the world… but I want to be! When I’m organized, I feel invincible and can accomplish anything I put my mind to, but the reality is… I need help getting there! That’s why I decided to give my office a mini-makeover using organizational items from Staples.


When you’re trying to make a space more functionable, it can be overwhelming. Luckily, when I went shopping, everything I needed was at my local Staples store and I didn’t have to go anywhere else. It was a quick one-stop shopping spree and then I was able to quickly transform the space.


For this particular project, I’m going to turn my office into an organized classroom.


Here’s what my office looked like BEFORE my mini-makeover:





As you can see, things are kind of scattered everywhere. I didn’t actually have any storage in my office before-- it was just a blank slate.


After going to Staples, printing off my decor bundle, and buying storage and organizational items, here’s my new and improved work space.





Here are my top 6 favorite finds from the flip:

  1. Dry erase calendar: This allows me to dump all of my important dates into one location and easily adjust my days as needed.
  2. White TruRed file cabinet: This was MUCH needed. I had papers EVERYWHERE before, but now they’re all organized in one convenient spot.
  3. TruRed file folders: I was able to organize all of my curriculums in their appropriate color-coded file. I feel like a new woman, honestly!
  4. Cat planner: Cats > Dogs… I said it! But seriously, I love this cat themed planner to keep me organized now and in the future.
  5. Poppin desk organizer: You saw my desk before. There were pens and paper everywhere! Now, they’re all in this handy desk organizer with a ton of different compartments.
  6. Staples prints: Ah, the biggest transformation yet-- the decor! I printed off my entire classroom decor bundle at Staples and was able to turn a drab office into a fab learning space!




If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all of your office needs, be sure to check out your local Staples! You’ll be more productive and efficient in no time! You can also see the Staples Possibilities book here.