By spring of 2020, the amount of time Americans spent working from home had jumped from 5% to 60%*. Now in Spring of 2021, many Americans have moved their makeshift kitchen counter workspaces to a more permanent setting in their home. They’ve invested in furniture, technology and other tools to help them be their most productive remote working self.


May 17, we’re celebrating Work From Home Day by asking ten Staples US Retail associates from all across the company (and country) to tell us about the product or solution that makes working from home a pleasant, productive experience for them.  Check out these associate-selected products to help our customers upgrade their home office spaces using the must-have products listed below.



I am always on the go, so my laptop has to be compact and easy to carry without compromising speed and storage capacity. The high-definition display on this HP Laptop makes it easier for me to work from anywhere, especially in situations where I might not have access to my second monitor.



Apple AirPods Pro are not only great in the home office for meetings, but also have been a key tool to facilitate “walking meetings” for me and my team as we find opportunities to incorporate personal wellness into the workday!



When I'm making my lists for the day, I use Flair scented pens! The 0.7 medium felt tip produces bold, expressive lines with scents that really help showcase my personality. From grapefruit to hazelnut, I can make memos, to do lists and conference call notes come to life. Flair pens make any day a great day!



I am in front of the computer all day long, so the blue light readers do a great job protecting my eyes. Also, I think they make me look cool! 😊



The Tzumi OnAir Light Stand is such a versatile item and a bargain at this price! Not only is it perfect for working from home and video conference calls, but it provides excellent lightning for social media use as well. There are multiple brightness settings, and the compact size makes it easy to take with me, so I always look my best on camera!



I chose the V27i because I can’t imagine multitasking without a high-quality additional display. I love the fact that this monitor is borderless on the top and sides, giving you more screen to work with for the space. The low blue light setting is an eye-saver for long hours in front of the computer.



I chose the pen holder because I believe that personalizing my space with creative and interesting pieces helps me feel more positive and inspired. This past year, I’ve learned that taking time to appreciate small things can make a big difference.



Nothing hinders productivity when working from home like a bad Wi-Fi connection! The TP-Link AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 router gives me high performance with the newest Wi-Fi 6 technology, so I don’t have to worry about cutting out during an important presentation. This is especially important if you have multiple people working and/or learning from your household.



Research has shown that writing by hand increases memory retention and understanding, so I keep my TRU RED Ruled Journal on me for meetings. It’s sleek and professional, and paired with TRU RED pens makes note taking that much more satisfying.



I needed a chair for my workspace at home and the Dexley Chair worked perfectly.  Very comfortable when sitting for long hours. I am always moving around, and this chair makes it so easy to adjust when changing positions. The mesh is extremely cool.



*source: The Economist