For students, staying organized can be a real challenge. And with various subjects and classes throughout the day and a ton of school supplies for each, it’s no wonder! Luckily, staying on top of school related materials has never been easier than with an amazing tool called BackPal. As the founder & CEO of a professional organizing company, discovering BackPal has been such a win. Before I dive into the amazing ways it can help your kids get organized for school, I also want to highlight how beneficial this tool is for posture and back pain.


For students, carrying a backpack has long been a schooltime staple. Whether you’re currently in school, or you have children at the age where carrying a heavy backpack is a part of their everyday routine, there’s no denying that carrying bags on your back all day is heavy. Even at a young age, this weight can cause hunching, slouching, and actual damage to your spine. 


Carrying something on your back for extended periods of time can get painful and difficult, whether it’s something heavy like textbooks or simply lugging notebooks and school supplies in backpacks. Even if lockers are being utilized during the school day, bags are still likely being used for the commute to and from school. The reason back pain is so common when backpacks are used is because heavy, sagging backpacks pull your body’s center of gravity backwards. As a result, people will lean forward in order to counteract that and keep from falling over. Unfortunately, this counteraction causes pain and can easily lead to injury over time. 


I’ve recently discovered an amazing product that can decrease and actually prevent back strain from using backpacks! It’s called the BackPal, and it’s a backpack weight redistributor. BackPal is great because it instantly alleviates pressure as it redistributes the weight of your belongings. All you have to do is use the various pockets within BackPal for your textbooks, binders, and notebooks. With pockets that start and finish at different levels of the back, you feel an immediate difference in the way it affects your posture and how you carry the weight. BackPal stacks the heaviest items in your backpack on top of one another, close to your spine, which brings your center of gravity back to where it belongs. It allows you to keep good posture and avoid injury as it redistributes weight to your shoulders, back, and hips!


But, as I mentioned previously, my favorite aspect of BackPal is the opportunity for organization that it provides! One of the hardest things about keeping a backpack organized is that it lacks compartmentalization. Most backpacks simply have 1-2 pockets, and with the combination of large, bulky items and smaller clerical supplies, things can easily get lost. With different pockets, BackPal provides structure within backpacks that makes it easy to maintain organization, which I love! 


BackPal works for kids of all ages and backpacks of all sizes, as it fits into any backpack with its adjustable strap. The versatility of this product makes it foolproof and so easy and efficient for anyone to use! BackPal was actually created by students themselves who felt the pain and strain of heavy backpacks firsthand, as they were searching for a solution to alleviate back pain. Heavy backpacks are always going to be an element of schooling, so incorporating a BackPal into your routine today may be the best thing you could do for yourself! Your future self will thank you...promise. Get yours in select Staples stores today!