Summer is right around the corner and for many it’s already begun! If you’re a parent to a little one (or even a big one) then you know that summer is a scramble to find activities to keep the kids busy while they aren’t at pre-school or in class. As a working mother, I’ve learned that preparation for each day is vital to keep everyone (including myself) happy and content. Since my boys are in the pre-k spectrum of learning, they love activities that allow them to refine their skills of the alphabet, pronunciation, numbers and creating new things with anything around the house.


Since I always need new office supplies or printed supplies for work, I LOVE that I can go to my local Staples for those needs, and at the same time pick up art and craft supplies for the boy’s summer activities! I only have so much time to juggle in the week and this makes my life so much easier. A lot of the crafting supplies are also available on Instacart ofering same day delivery.


I’m sharing the steps to a really easy and fun summer activity for the kiddos, along with pictures of two other activities we plan on doing in the next few weeks that I know your kids will love too!


First things first…


1.Head to Staples to pick up the following materials for this Sunshine Alphabet Activity:


  • Paint
  • Marker
  • Paint Brushes
  • Paper Plates
  • Clothespins
  • Glue (optional)
  • Eyes (optional



2. Set up your painting stations for the kids

This paint palette keeps my 2-year-old from making the mess I usually anticipate and is definitely a supply you’ll want to have at home!



3. Once the kiddos are ready to start, have them paint the entire plate yellow (or any color they want the sun).


4. While the kids are painting their plates, take the clothespins and  write a letter of the alphabet on each end.



5. The boys like to add these googly eyes to everything so of course what better way to add personality to the sun than with these. Glue on the eyes and add anything else to the plate they desire.


6. Once the plate is dry, add the letters of the alphabet around the plate. If your child is able, this is a great opportunity for them to work on writing their letters.



How cute is Asher’s sunshine!?




7. Have your child match each clothespin letter to the plate, to work on identifying each letter.



So not only is the sunshine super cute and easy, but the kiddos are simultaneously learning the alphabet! A win-win for everyone!




Check out these two other paper-plate activities and pick up all of the supplies needed at your local Staples!


Pizza Counting Game



Color Match Paper Plate




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