Running a small creative business while being a mom to a toddler means that I have to be ultra-efficient with my time. Using a print center help me save me time. The print and marketing services at Staples’s stores are my favorite because you can upload designs online and pick up products the same day at no extra cost. That means if I need something ASAP, I can have it all done within a few hours.


I’ve been meaning to print small business-card sized thank you notes for customers of my Etsy shop. I sell watercolor prints, brush lettering kits, washi tape, and other stationery products in my shop. These little cards are a nice way for me to personalize each purchase and to let customers know how much their support of my shop means to me. Customers also love seeing their name written as an example when they’re learning.




I designed my own cards using scanned images of my watercolor paintings and my lettering. I love being able to personalize all the things I make for my customers. I truly hope their purchase makes them as happy as I am to ship it to them.


I uploaded my designs and ordered 1000 business cards for same day pick up from my local Staples store. Within a few hours, I was notified by email that my order was already ready! I was excited to see my new thank you cards and had a few orders to fill so I jumped right into it.




The space I left under the “thank you” part of the card is a place for me to write my customer’s name. I used a small tip brush pen to write my customer’s name and put it in with the packaging.


I love being able to add a little personal touch to show each and every customer how grateful I truly am for every order. Each purchase enables me to pursue my creative endeavors and supports my dreams as a small business owner.




I also love seeing how Staples supports small and local businesses as well. I was pleasantly surprised to see how they support their community by featuring several businesses in the area through their Communtiy Business Directory.