Hi Everyone! It’s Leslie from @leslie.writes.it.all with a quick and easy watercolor tutorial. Staples has always been a go-to place for my small business needs, but I recently discovered how many art supplies they have stocked! I was able to get everything I needed for a colorful watercolor and brush lettering project. I’m happy to partner with Staples to bring you this fun and colorful watercolor project.


Let’s get started by drawing a circle on your watercolor paper. I’m using Bienfang’s 140 lb cold press watercolor paper and I used a drawing compass from the Staedtler 10 Piece School Set.




Next, I’m using a Prismacolor kneaded eraser to lightly erase the pencil lines so that we can watercolor on top. The pencil markings are meant to be a guide while painting. Kneaded erasers are one of my favorite tools when drawing and painting because it’s a truly “no mess” eraser. It lifts off pencil markings without leaving all the typical eraser gunk behind. Just unwrap your eraser and knead it a little (like clay) to warm it up. Then you can roll it on your page to lift off the pencil markings.




Now we start painting! We’re having fun playing with color since the painting technique is really easy. All we’re doing is painting hearts! Use the penciled circle as a guide for painting hearts in an assortment of rainbow colors. I’ve painted all the hearts going in the same direction.




Continue around the circle, painting hearts in a rainbow gradient. Using the Royal Langnickel Essential watercolor travel kit, I was able to make an assortment of colors using just 5 tubes of color. Here’s the order that I painted the hearts.


  1. Yellow
  2. Yellow + Red
  3. Red
  4. Red + Blue
  5. Blue
  6. Blue + White
  7. Blue + Green
  8. Green
  9. Green + Yellow


Make sure to paint the larger hearts first and use smaller hearts to fill in areas that you think needs some color. I rotate the page as I paint since we are painting in a circle.



When the paint is nice and dry, we can start lettering. I found this great beginner’s lettering kit at Staples. It actually comes with a brush pen, a chisel pen, a monoline pen, and a larger dual tip pen as well as 2 pencils, AND a kneaded eraser,


Lightly trace what you’d like to letter inside the rainbow heart wreath. Once you’re happy with the composition, it’s time to put ink to paper. I’m using the brush pen for the majority of the lettering and the monoline pen to write the word “your”.




The last thing to do is to use the kneaded eraser to remove any stray pencil markings and you’re done!




I love that Staples Stores carry art supplies so that I can make a quick stop for everything I need from printer paper to fine art watercolor paper.