As you navigate the new world of virtual teaching, making sure your class is engaged and ready to learn can be a challenge. Facebook Groups is a great way to bring more life to your classroom experience.


Why Facebook Groups?
They offer some great features which help you safely stay connected with your class:

It’s private:  You select who’s in your group and can limit what students see.

It’s social:  Students love social media. So keep the conversation going where they already are.

It’s flexible:  Create calendars, share videos or just say hi. Groups gives you so many options on how to engage your class.


Students or Parents? Why not Both?
While students are your first priority, you may want to try setting up your group for their parents. More than ever, teachers and parents need to join forces to ensure students stay on track. Share assignments and tips on how to keep kids focused on school activities. Host live study hall sessions where parents and students can ask questions about homework.


Share. Share. Share.
With virtual learning, you have to make it interactive, engaging and fun. Take advantage of online resources by including articles and YouTube videos in your feed. Share funny photos with the class, celebrate birthdays and talk about favorite after-school activities.


Great Ways to Engage Your Class

Go live
Stream a lecture, set up a study hall or host a Q&A session for parents and kids.

Poll the class
Need a show of hands? Use polls to get feedback or ideas for future lessons. 

Start a conversation
Inspire class discussion where students share projects and talk about assignments.

Spark their imagination
Have some fun by creating mock profiles for literary characters or historical figures.

Show and tell
Get students to post pics of their at-home life, family members and furry friends.