Small business owners, professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, students, teachers, parents--everyone that ever lived--knows what it means to be busy, to forget, and to try a million different ways to stay organized and on top of it. All of it. 

So how do we remember all that valuable information? You know, the names and tasks, events, new knowledge or information. We had some of our contributors this month share a couple ways they keep it all together.


For Melissa Anderson, digitizing has been a game changer.

“The best part of launching your own business is learning. You learn new ways to grow, improve and strengthen your productivity/time (because you need all the help you can get!) The highlight of streamlining my business has been digitizing. My top-three systems are Google Docs, Calendly and Mailchimp: 

Google Doc’s acts a file cabinet for multiple parties:interns, assistants, clients, partners can manipulate and access documents  in real time. From million-dollar forecast, to invoices, everything you need is a share away. 

Calendly’s online scheduler for my clients saves valuable time in the back and forth of aligning busy calendars, and also takes off the burden of sending/editing calendar invites. Clients can even change their appointments based on my selected availability each week and syncs with any calendar you currently manage across devices.  

Mailchimp helps me talk to customers, share my knowledge capital and acts as a forum to build my network across the globe. I’ve gone from only being able to manage the current task at hand, to multiple simultaneously all over the world.” 


Puno Dostres has found a couple ways to remember the little details

“Calendly for scheduling. I also like adding a few form questions like "what are we talking about?" and "what's your phone number?" because I usually forget. Paste App I do a lot of copying and pasting and sometimes I'll get distracted. This app has saved my butt.”

Also a fan of Calendly, Puno personalizes the experience by adding a couple more questions to nudge her memory a bit, and uses Paste App to keep track of everything she’s tracking.  


Brian Larrabee takes a personal approach.

For Brian Larrabee, who works with a large number of students, it means a lot to him, and more than likely the students, to remember each of their names. Brian makes a concerted effort to do so by remembering details about that student--like they’re interests or passion--to help him place a name with a face:

“The way I remember is by association. I remember students' names by associating them in my mind with someone that resembles them and has the same name. I also ask them what they are passionate about and that helps me associate their name with their passion.” 

This practice, while seemingly small, can make a huge impact no matter if we’re working with students or running a business. It can be a thoughtful, helpful for any of us looking to be more personable and remember those things about others that show we value them.


Maybe these 3 tips won’t help you remember everything, but they can help you better streamline some of your tasks, manage meetings and appointments, file and organize important documents and help you be more intentional in your client and professional relationships.