January is all about starting fresh. As fleeting as New Year’s resolutions can feel, the first part of a new year always presents us with opportunities to do things a little differently. However, as we are resetting, test driving new routines, returning back to work, planning for the year ahead--January not only flies by, but can feel like a whole lot of getting things back on track. February, then, becomes a time for us to truly begin implementing what we have aspired to in January. 

Now in the second month of our calendar year, we’re moving full steam ahead. 

This month, we’re ending our two series that have helped set us up for this very moment:  Tax Time and Get it Together. Tax Time Part 3: Paying your Taxes  carries us into the final stage of tax preparation, and Get it Together Part 3 offers us 4 Tips to Redesign Our Office, now that we’ve tidied up. This month on Marketing Matters, we’ll be covering Digital Content Planning, and introducing tips to spruce up business content with 5-minutes to Master: Video in Business. And  if you’re interested in learning how to network smarter, this month’s Resource Share is just for you. 

A step-by-step on Zine-Making for Teens, and a peek into the life of a musician and his creative- entrepreneurial journey are sure to spark some fresh creativity. With campaign season top of mind, be sure to check out our Quick Guide to make sure your office is best prepared for the valuable work of your team. A less glamorous flu season is hovering, but discover some ways to implement healthy practices in your classroom through flu season and beyond. 

All prepped and ready for the year ahead, February becomes a time for us to take all we’ve learned from the year prior, and what we’ve started to glean from new year thus far, and get into a new groove that can carry us through the months to come.