We all know how great it feels to walk into a well designed space, and offices are no exception. A well designed workspace can inspire productivity and collaboration, impress prospective clients and employees, and foster a sense of pride in employees.

Unfortunately, though, many business owners feel overwhelmed at the prospect of redesigning their workspace, and don’t know where to begin. Here are 5 tips to get you started on giving your office that fresh look and feeling your company deserves.


Shed some light on things!

Lighting is all too often overlooked, but is arguably the most important element of any design. Most offices have an egregious lack of natural light, whether due to shortage of windows or neglect to pull the shades.

Studies have found that light can heighten emotions, productivity and employee well-being and reduces complaints like eye fatigue and headaches. Natural light plays an integral part in our overall sense of wellbeing, helps our bodies feel alert and energetic, and can alleviate symptoms of depression. So, make a habit of opening the shades every morning (automated shades can make this easier), place mirrors across from windows or pendant lights to double their impact, and if you’re short on natural light sources, get creative with mood-boosting LED options.

To bring natural light into more furniture dense areas, use LED strips under cabinets, bookshelves, or behind couches.  Casting light up and down walls using LED strips allows you to create a sleeker look by eliminating bulky lamps, as well as being energy efficient.


Hide the wires

With all the technology we know and love, comes the wires we, well, don’t like.  Exposed wires can make even the tidiest office look cluttered and messy. The tangles add mental stress every time they come into view, and in some cases these cord messes even present a tripping hazard!

The good news is, there are easy to install, sleek solutions to keep all kinds of cords out of sight and out of mind. Inexpensive as well, cord hiding is one of the best returns on investment you can get for your office makeover buck.


Bring the outside in

Many offices are furnished with overly utilitarian furniture and industrial solutions. Everywhere you look there are hard edges, cold metal, or molded plastic. These materials are uninspiring and make us feel disconnected from our surroundings.

To balance out these utilitarian elements, bring in natural ones. Plants are a great way to bring some life force back into the office. They not only clean the air, but can also hide unsightly outlets or spruce up particularly bare corners. Hard to kill indoor plants are best, just ask someone at your local nursery. Pothos and Sansevieria are great options as they need very little light and are not particularly sensitive to watering issues.

Once you have some plants in the mix, go a step further -- bring in some natural fibers and textures.  Incorporate wood panel flooring or a natural fiber rug. Everyone in the office will get a breath of fresh air.


Inject some color

Though we might be fearful of painting office walls anything outside neutral, color can have a massive impact on our mood, so why not use it to our advantage? 

Consider painting a statement wall in your workspace. What energy would you like to create more of? Oranges and reds invigorate, pale blues help with focus, and greens make us calmer, more agreeable, and more efficient. If you’re wary of covering a wall or two with paint, invest in bold artwork for similar effect.

An inspired space sparks inspiration. Put a little time into redesigning your office today and watch your energy levels rise and productivity increase for years to come.