As the year rages on, we are quickly approaching the big, bright and festive holiday season. We’re gearing up for that time of year that can be full of prickling joy, but also hovering deadlines. 

No matter our field, industry or celebrations, it is during this time of year where we experience a collective shift in our professional and personal lives: family gatherings, holiday work events, gift-giving, final exams, grading, order fulfillments--the list goes on and on.  

For small business owners, side hustlers and entrepreneurs, the holidays can present them with a host of opportunities for exposure and growth in their business. Our educators are gearing up to prep their students as they head into finals, and parents and students are finding the best ways to finish the semester strong.

With all the increased tasks and demands of the season, it can be easy to be swept up in the midst of it all and rather than holiday cheer, the season can yield exhaustion and burnout. How do we maximize our time, optimize our workflow, and feel empowered to feel and be our best? 

Work-life balance has become a hot button topic in recent years with efforts to encourage professionals to prioritize physical, mental and emotional health and wellness alongside their work. Doing our work well and feeling productive and fulfilled is possible but requires intention. Apps like Headspace encourage mindful living and meditation to help support sleep and manage stress and anxiety,  and online resources like The Greater Good Magazine “turns scientific research into stories, tips and tools for a happier life”.  

This attention to whole body wellness is an ongoing practice and spending some time exploring resources like these can help us be transparent with ourselves and those around us, set attainable expectations, and personalize a practice that we can execute. 

This month, we’ll introduce some resources, tools, and ideas to ensure your productivity and peace of mind-- from guick guides to email marketing and user experience to tips to minimize anxiety and burnout with increased academic demands during this time of year and more. 

As you head off to dive into the titles listed above, we hope they will offer information and insights that will help drive your small business operations, grow your professional knowledge, support your studies, and all in all, help navigate the season with ease.