In the midst of tackling the day-to-day, leisure reading can seem like a hard to reach luxury. But when we do get a chance to dig into a new read, it feels like a much needed reward that we’d like to make more time for, more often.

Below are some titles that can inspire us, teach us something new, and of course, keep us curious.


If you’re curious about the creative process: Daily Rituals: How Artists Work

This popular title by Mason Currey explores the daily rituals of famed artists and thought leaders. Herein lies an opportunity to read the secrets of the greats and get a glimpse of how they did it, so to speak. Through Daily Rituals, readers are provided the opportunity to learn about the creative processes of renowned writers, gifted artists, and thinkers.

From Marx to Freud, Toni Morrison to F. Scott Fitzgerald, Henri Matisse to Stephen King--and so many more-- the book reveals details like, the time of day these creators worked best, how much work they accomplished, or sought to accomplish, in a day.

From drinking habits to the words written in a day,  we're offered an intimate and unique opportunity to learn the workings and patterns of these brilliant minds.


If you’re curious about the creative space:  Creative Spaces

This title is the debut book from Los Angeles lifestyle brand Poketo. This book is similar to Daily Rituals in that it highlights various subjects, but more specifically, the spaces in which the creative professionals exercise creativity and produce their work.

Stunning photography presents these artists, entrepreneurs, and makers in their respective creative spaces. Detailed descriptions allow readers a deeper look into and how each subject operates and makes use of his or her creative space. It not only provides a platform for the professionals themselves, but can be deeply inspiring to those intent on establishing a space of their own. Where we work and how we curate our space to nurture our own creativity is just as important as the work itself.

The book is beautifully designed, and thus not only a pleasure to read but a delight to peruse.


If you’re curious about the journey to success: Outliers: The Story of Success

How is success measured? How is it defined? What are the factors that lead to success? This New York Times Bestseller by Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point, Blink and Talking to Strangers (to name of few),  examines how successful people, the highest achievers, become successful.

What is uniquely beautiful about this book, is that it focuses not on those actions, pursuits or qualities of those successful people, but the experiences, culture, family, upbringing, and external factors that made these people who they are, and subsequently contributed to their success.

Within these pages lives the opportunity, also, to reflect on our own achievement and the factors that contribute to our own personal success.


If you’re curious about creative partnership: Just Kids

This eloquently written memoir by Patti Smith, beautifully depicts her intimate relationship and creative partnership with Robert Mapplethorpe.

The book centers their cherished and close-knit friendship, as Smith’s poetic cadence carries readers through the narrative of their young adulthood in New York City, their romance, their wanderings, and the early days of the artistic practices we know and remember them for.

Sure to be a bookshelf favorite, this book is purely nostalgic, both bold and delicate, and in so many ways, a love letter to their relationship and a boundless love that transcended notions of what love is and should look like.

A story of unforgettable friendship, heartbreak, and triumph this book reminds of us of those in our lives that inspire us to create and show us how to love. 


Each of the titles above reveal something incredibly valuable we can learn from.  Hopefully, you’ll find some comfort, joy, and encouragement in one (or all) of the books above. Maybe you’ll even resolve to read more in the New Year. Cheers!