Connecting with your customer base on an individualized level is becoming increasingly important to sustain engagement. When customers sign up for emails, it’s an opportunity to begin a personalized relationship with them and further understand what keeps your customers engaged with your company. 


Welcome Email Series 

The beginning of your relationship with your new customer, like the beginning of your relationship with any person, should start by getting to know each other. Use the opportunity of your new signups to share your company mission, intrigue your customers with your story, and introduce them to your different categories or services.

Send these emails 4-7 days apart to ease your customer into your emails before funneling them into your regularly scheduled emails. 


How It Looks Matters 

While most of the time saying “how it looks matters” might not be the most PC thing, here it’s very relevant.

The look doesn't just mean making sure you have pretty pictures to engage your guests with. Although this does help, the overall look of your email is also about how the customer can view the email. Today people are using many different devices to read email from: a desktop to laptop to tablet and of course, their mobile device. The email must be compatible with all devices to ensure the customer is able to view the message and interact with the message in the way your company intended. 


Keep It Simple 

Get straight to the point, have one call to action in your email and make that the focal point with your imagery and messaging. This doesn't mean don’t cross-sell, just have one main focus and support it with additional products, services, or knowledge that will enhance or support your “main dish”.

The way you set the email up from top to bottom is how you’re prioritizing the message and how you want the customer to then engage with your message, make sure this is in alignment with your company goals.


Loyalty Programs

Create a program that recognizes and celebrates your customer base. No business would be anywhere without the loyalty of their customers-- it’s important to recognize their support which has allowed your business to propel.

Having an open dialogue with this customer group through surveys, customer service, and other channels will help you to understand what your customer base wants from your loyalty program-- discounts, new products or services, special events and more. Determine if sending discounts is appropriate for your brand and strategically align them throughout the year with your company initiatives and goals. 

Surprise your Loyal Customer 

Provide your customer with insight into your business-- inform them of how the brand has been doing, what your focuses are for the upcoming year and how the brand is planning to expand, or make positive change. Your core customers will appreciate your transparency and getting the behind the scenes view of what’s happening in the company. 

Once your loyal customer base has been identified, use them as much as possible! Many of your customers will be more than happy to provide you with feedback on your brand, product offerings, or how you engage with them. Connect and receive feedback through email surveys, phone, or in-person interviews. The added attention and value you’re placing on your customers' opinions will continue to grow their brand loyalty. When customers feel valued by a brand, they remain loyal to the company and become brand advocates, sharing the brand and their experiences with their friends and family. Having brand advocates is invaluable marketing for
your company! Your brand advocates will speak positively about the brand on your behalf, introducing the company to new audiences in their circles, leading to organic growth of brand visibility. 

Take the Work Off of You

Emails can be sent automatically. I repeat. Emails can be sent automatically! Take advantage of this and set up automatic emails for: your welcome series, birthday and anniversary emails, abandoned cart emails, notification that a cart item is now on sale, and post purchase email series.


Track your Results

Consistently track the progress of your emails. Track the success of open rates, subject lines, click through, conversion rates, unsubscribe rates and more. There are many programs that can support tracking the success of your emails allowing you to refine your email content to truly connect to your customer. 

Email communication is one of the most powerful ways to drive sales for your company and is also one of the least expensive ways to market to your customers. Follow these tips for sending successful email campaigns and begin developing your loyal customer base today.