Handling your daily workload, the kids’ class schedules and hopefully a few minutes for mindfulness — it’s a lot, but you find a way to make it look easy. After a long day, especially ones where you finally get the workout you wanted all week, you need a way to recovery faster and more effectively. Deep tissue and muscle massages offer a variety of benefits for your body and it also helps speed up your recovery time from exercise.


But with physical distancing top of mind and so many of us working from home these days, scheduling a regular massage doesn’t feel like a realistic solution. Enter percussive therapy devices, recovery tools designed to work deeper so you can bounce back better. They’re comfortable to hold and easy to use, perfect for a quick recovery session between meetings or meal times.


Here are just some of the health benefits percussive therapy can provide:

Decreases muscle soreness and stiffness

Increases blood flow

Decreases lactic acid

Improves range of motion

Hydrates tissue

Improves stretching ability


Certain percussive therapy devices, such as the Theragun Elite, offer varying levels of pressure so you control the depth, speed and force of each session, as well as an app for smart recommendations on where to focus. And just like your workout or even the rhythms of your workweek, you can target specific areas on different days or focus on one section when you’re feeling extra tension.


Beyond post-workout recovery, percussive therapy can help alleviate your everyday aches as well. On days where you’re sitting for an extended period of time, or required to lift and move heavy items as part of your job, a few minutes of light pressure can do wonders for your soreness. Think about where your tension is most frequently felt. More than likely, you can relieve these muscles even while sitting in an office chair.


Try focusing on these areas to get started:

1. Neck and shoulders

2. Trapezius (trap) muscles

3. Lower back muscles

4. Hands and forearms

5. Thighs and calves


When treating a tight area for the first time, glide the device over the muscles for 30 seconds, then breathe and move the percussion through the area you’re treating. Repeat as needed.


Prioritizing your health and recovery isn’t just for professionals, it’s for anybody who wants to relieve tension and feel better. And with sessions ranging from 15 seconds to just a few minutes, it’s easy to make time during your day to focus on yourself. See more tips on incorporating percussive therapy into your day with the Therabody.


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