There’s something special about selecting your favorite pen, opening up to a blank page in a handpicked sketchbook and letting the ideas pour onto the page. If you’re not familiar with this feeling, you’ve come to the right place to rediscover the joys of writing, drawing and the art of letting your creativity flow.


Let’s take a look at some of the most essential writing tools, from the bold and bright to the perfectly precise, plus some unexpected ideas to take your notes to next level.


Rollerball Pens and Gel Pens

These are likely the pens you use every day. Rollerball pens are known for their smooth, bold lines and are available in a wide variety, from simple stick designs to cushioned, contoured designs. Consider using different colors to organize your notes, plus gel ink is opaque, perfect for vibrant adhesive notes.


Highlighters and Creative Markers

Not just for study sessions, highlighters like the Zebra® Mildliner® Double-Ended Creative Marker is ideal for emphasizing your notes or color-coding sections to stay organized. Use vivid colors to call out important details, and layer translucent pastel colors to create artistic designs.


Felt-Tip Pens

Doodle on with pens and markers that blur the line between notetaking and art making. Felt tips are porous and can hold more ink to create richer lines, shifting seamlessly from your planner to your sketchbook.


Brush Pens and Fountain Pens

One soft and flexible and the other plastic and metal, brush and fountain pens can create both precise and broad lines for impressive lettering. Try your hand at calligraphy, the visual art of handwriting, to add excitement to your page headings, notecards and more.


Technical Pens and Mechanical Pencils

For precise writing and drawing, you’ll want an ultra-fine tip found on more technical writing tools. With graphite, you can also experiment with harder leads to create different shading styles when sketching with mechanical pencils.


Washi Tape

This isn’t your average adhesive — each roll features a pattern so you can add a frame or border to your notes, schedules, designs and more. Washi tape is beyond versatile, perfect for dry-erase boards and storage organizers to coordinate on and off the page.


Journals and Sketchbooks

The right canvas is the cornerstone to your creativity and journals and sketchbooks can spark your inspiration. Different paper types complement different pen types, so look for smoother paper for more precise writing, thicker paper for coloring and explore textured paper for different art styles.


And that’s just the beginning! Explore new writing tools, test out new notebooks and find the perfect combo that sparks your inspiration at every page turn.