With so many of us working from home these days, having a place to call your own is incredibly important. It’s where you can tune out distractions, focus on your day’s to-do’s and make the workday magic happen. But there’s more to it than just the desk and chair, it’s everything you surround yourself with that helps you create your best work. And to really make the most of any space, we’re chatting with Prop Stylist Layla Gunning on how she creates an inspiring WFH space.


How much room does an inspiring WFH space need?


Layla: I’m an advocate for using what you have! Whether you can devote an entire spare room to a home office, or carve out a small corner, you can make any amount of space functional and inviting.


Where should I start when styling my workspace?


Layla: I always start by decluttering and cleaning any space before styling. A clean slate helps to focus on items you need the most accessible as well as the ones that speak to you. If it doesn’t serve a functional purpose, or make you smile, you probably don’t need it in your work space.


What items would you say are essential to being productive?

Layla: Organizational pieces such as file sorters, sectioned trays, whiteboards, corkboards and wall calendars can really help maximize productivity. The less time spent searching for things, the more efficient and less stressed you’ll be!


Now, what would you say are the most inspiring elements to you?


Layla: I’m an “all senses” person, so I love creating a mood to feed off of with personal touches. Meaningful photos of family, inspiring prints of travel and photography, elements of the outdoors with fresh greenery, interesting fabrics and textiles, calming scents, and my favorite music help me to focus and be inspired.


Can you give me an unexpected tip that every WFH’er should know?


Layla: There are some really versatile products on the market that serve many functions while not taking up too much space. For instance, a desk lamp could also serve as a wireless charger, clock and docking station while looking beautiful anywhere in your WFH space.


So smart! Sounds like a product’s style plays a big part in even the smallest details.


If you’re going to bring something into your house, especially a home office, why not make it beautiful as well as functional. Simple work supplies like scissors, staples, files, tacks, pens, magnets, even paper clips, don’t need to be boring. Every small supply we added to this space not only serves a purpose, it’s also inspiring to look at!


One last thing — on a scale from 1 to 10, how much better is this space vs. a sofa?


It’s an 11! Let’s try to keep the sofas for binge watching our favorite shows.




Ready to start styling your own space? Check out Layla’s latest project and find everything you need to get organized and inspired in your local Staples® store.