You’ve likely noticed the production quality of your favorite content creator’s videos without even realizing it. The setting is inviting, well-lit and perfectly framed — it seems as impressive as it does effortless. But creating this type of setup isn’t nearly as complicated as it may seem. In fact, you only need a few pieces of equipment to elevate your own videos.


First, you’ll want to choose a space in your home that you can comfortably set up your recording equipment, laptop and anything else you might need. Consider the props and details that will be in view (more on that in a bit). Also, be mindful of windows and natural light, which can affect your recording depending on the time of day you choose to film.


Once you’ve got your space in mind, let’s make sure you’ve got the right tech.


Motion-tracking phone holder

With built-in facial and object tracking technology, your phone moves with you so you’re always in frame. Better yet, devices such as the OnAir IntelliTrack360º camera motion tracking phone holder seamlessly shift between landscape and portrait shooting and mount onto any tripod to capture your ideal setting. 


LED ring lights

Lighting can make or break your video’s production quality. With a variety of brightness levels, settings and accessories, ring lights are compact yet powerful tools that can illuminate your space in an instant. For brighter videos, place the ring light 2–3 feet away and center it behind your phone or camera.



Capture crystal clear audio and project a more professional sound with a condenser microphone. Also consider wind screens, shock mounts and other accessories that help smooth out your voice and minimize any unintentional noise.



Will you be standing or sitting in your video? Likely you’ll want the flexibility to do either, so it’s a great idea to incorporate a height-adjustable tripod into your setup so you’re always recording at the right angle.


Stylish accessories

This one might seem a little obvious, but a few updates can go a long way to convey your personal style. From geometric desk accessories to gaming chairs and monitors, what you show is what people will see so make sure it represents you and the content you’re creating.


There are so many ways to be a storyteller. If you’d rather venture into podcasting, several Staples Connect™ stores feature podcast recording studios that you and your cohosts can use to create hour-long recordings.


So, whether you’re updating your equipment or just getting started, Staples has exactly what you need to create a following.