Bring their learning space to life with a DIY Crayola alligator organizer, perfect for their pens, markers, colored pencils and more. It’s an easy (and adorable!) afternoon craft that might even make cleanup time a little more exciting — win-win. Here’s what you’ll need:



Available at Staples stores or on Instacart

Crayola scissors

Crayola paint brushes

Crayola construction paper

Crayola Take Note™ permanent markers

Wiggle eyes

Crayola washable paint

Crayola no-run school glue

Crayola No. 2 pencils

Cardboard paper towel tubes


Once you have at least two cardboard paper towel tubes handy, grab the kiddos, all your supplies and follow these steps:


Step 1:

Using scissors, cut two cardboard tubes into thirds.




Step 2:

Paint the cardboard tubes green or even just their favorite color. Let them dry for 1–2 hours, apply a second coat and let dry for another 1–2 hours.




Step 3:

Stand up six cardboard tubes and glue them together in a straight line.




Step 4:

Using construction paper and pencils, sketch out the design of your alligator’s mouth, arms, legs and tail. Cut out each piece and glue them to the cardboard tubes.




Step 5:

Sketch and cut out the alligator’s teeth and glue to the inside of the mouth.




Step 6:

Glue wiggle eyes to the top of the head. Let all glued pieces dry for 1–2 hours.




Step 7:

Get creative! Add details and designs to the alligator’s head and tail.




Step 8:

Once dry, fill each tube with supplies and start organizing their learning space!




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