When’s the last time you got to break out the laminator? Some of you already know the joy of a freshly sealed keepsake but to those of you who haven’t yet —there’s a whole world of lamination crafts to explore with your kids. The ideas are endless and often even reusable.


Here are 7 easy projects to kick-start your new favorite activity:


Flash cards and learning aids

Times tables, historical facts, a new language — easily create durable flash cards to help your students retain information and make the grade. Write on as many index cards as needed, seal in a laminating pouch and start studying.


Chore charts and to-do lists

Outline a simple list with space to write in each task. Consider color-coding each section to organize by space or by day. Once laminated, start adding items with a dry-erase marker and simply wipe away when you’re ready to create a new list.


Textured bookmarks

Design inventive bookmarks in favorite shapes. Start by scrunching colorful tissue paper — we created a classic pencil using black, brown, yellow and pink sheets. Then position inside a laminating pouch and seal.


Recipe cards

Perfect for cooking lessons with the kiddos. Jot down your favorite recipes onto index cards with easy-to-understand steps and add a quick sketch to help them scan. Once sealed, punch a hole, add a key ring and prep the kitchen.


Artwork placemats

Take the latest masterpiece from your artist-in-the-making and transform it into creative and inspiring placemats. Simply seal their artwork inside a laminating pouch and create one for everyone at the table.


Pretend money

Turn their play kitchen into their own small business with homemade money and coupons. Design your own family currency in all their favorite colors and build on their math skills. Once sealed, just divvy up the dollars.


Reusable labels

Encourage your students to organize their study space with labels. Laminate a colorful sheet of paper, cut into sections, label with a dry-erase marker and adhere with double-sided tape.


Whether you’re giving new life to your current crafting workhorse or ready to upgrade to the latest laminators and laminating supplies, lamination crafts are the perfect time to get creative with your kids.