2020 has been a year of adjustments for adults and kids alike. Kids are used to hopping on a bus to go to school and learn each day, but now the lines between home and school have blurred. Parents are facing challenges of how to keep kids motivated and productive in their home learning spaces. Setting up a dedicated space with fun upgrades could help alleviate class time frustrations for parents and students. 


Sit in Style 

When selecting a chair for your student’s learning space comfort and style are key. Look for a chair with lower back support or consider a lumbar support pillow. Adjustable height chairs are best so they can grow with your child. Set them up so that their hands can rest on the desk with their elbows at ninety degrees. For more on Ergonomics while learning from home, read this article. While the support the chair gives is important, the style is what may make them want to spend time in it. Gaming chairs are perfect for both comfort for long periods of time and kid approved looks that can be repurposed for their after-class activity.  


Tech it Out 

When setting up an at home learning space built for productivity, look to new technology devices to solve your new problems. More than one student learning from home in the same space? Look for noise cancelling headphones to keep concentration up for both. Is your student’s teacher encouraging frequent movement breaks to break up screen time? Choose a cordless headphone or ear bud option so they won’t be tied down.  


Color Coordinate 

Let your learner be part of the process by letting them pick their own desk accessories. Having a space that feels like them will up engagement. Aim for a home for everything that goes in or on there desk to prevent distracting clutter. Look for desk accessories like pencil cups, letter trays, cable catches, and monitor risers in matching colors for an easy way to make the space look great.  


Keep a Printer Close By 

Increased screen time is a major concern for both elementary and high school aged at home learners. Give their eyes a break by making print outs an option. For younger kids, supplement their time with teachers with fun activity sheets to lessen screen time and work on fine motor skills. See options for some free printable activity and coloring sheets here


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