One of the positive trends that has come out of 2020 is a greater interest in self-care, or time to work on one’s own personal development. Journaling is an amazing tool that has been used throughout time to cope with feelings and inspire new ideas, and now there are so many new techniques and supplies that can truly personalize the experience for everybody. If you’ve ever wanted to start journaling, the start of 2021 is a great time to get your thoughts down on paper.


Types of Journaling

  • Bullet journal- This method for journaling incorporates to-do lists, scheduling, reminders, and brainstorming all hand-written in a single notebook. It is often done on dotted notebook pages. It can be used as a creative way to schedule your time and combines organization with drawing.
  • Mind mapping- This type of journaling works by recording your ideas on paper in a visual way. It often starts by writing down the main theme of your idea and drawing a circle around it. Next think of other ideas that relate to it and connect these sub-ideas to your main idea, creating a visual map. This type of journaling is great for creative thinkers or those needing creative inspiration.
  • Theme journals- Many people have trouble starting out free-writing in journals and find it easier to stick with a theme. This can be a great way to try it out without the pressure of trying to decide what to journal about. Some thought invoking themes include dream journals, gratitude journals, planners for your schedule or monthly goals, or food journals. Think about the reason why you're journaling to guide your theme.


  • Journal- This one is obvious. Any paper will do but a good journal will keep paper from bleeding or tearing while you are writing. Here's our favorite with extra features like heavyweight paper with markings to easily divide pages and 3 page-ribbons so you never lose your spot.
  • Pen- The only other required item. Pick a pen that writes smoothly with and produces minimal smudge. Everyone has their own favorite so try out different tip sizes and styles.
  • Correction tape or white out pen- For inevitable mistakes or the perfectionist.
  • Markers and highlighter- Great for bullet journaling, mind mapping, or just brightening up your pages.
  • Washi Tape, scrap paper, glue stick, stickers, decorative paper clips, sticky notes- Get creative with add-ons to help keep you interested and create joy on every page.


How to start

  • The best way to start you journal is to- start. Don’t overthink what you plan on writing and your thoughts will flow more freely and you will get more out of you journaling practice.
  • Still overthinking? Start with just one sentence a day. Whether it be right when you wake or last thing to get your thoughts out before bed. Keeping a regular schedule will help enforce the habit and eventually you will be filling those pages.
  • Add some visual interest. Start with a drawing or a clip out from a magazine or any other visual component that sparks inspiration and makes you happy. Your journal is for you so fill it with things you love.

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