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The Best Business Advice 7 Entrepreneurs Received

Nobody goes into business alone, even if you're a solopreneur. At every stage of your journey, there are people who have come before you who can offer their advice and expertise to help you succeed. We asked a group of entrepreneurs to share the best business advice they've received, and here's what they had to say:

Staples Spotlight
May 20 4 min read

They’re out there! 8 tips to find new customers.

When it comes to finding new customers, there is no better resource than the experts in the industry. These are the people who have been through it all – from trying multiple marketing strategies and failing, to finally finding the thing that works for them. So, what is the best advice that these experts have received when it comes to finding new customers? We’ve gathered some of their top tips to help you out.

Staples Spotlight
May 12 5 min read

A Direct Hit: 5 Steps to Doing Direct Mail Right

Your email inbox may be bursting, but your actual mailbox is probably a lot emptier than it used to be. That’s a huge marketing opportunity for businesses, says Elizabeth Terchunian, associate category merchant at Staples. “With the move to digital marketing, customers are constantly bombarded with emails and online advertising. This makes direct mail a great way to really make your campaign stand out and increase awareness in a select area,” she says. But marketers can’t just put themselves in a mailbox and expect to get traction – launching a successful direct mail campaign takes some thought. Here are five steps to creating a strong campaign.

Staples Spotlight
Mar 28 4 min read

Seeing yourself as a Business Owner Requires a Mindset Shift

Do you know why approximately 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of operations? Some may say that it is the lack of planning, limited funding sources, or marketing approach, which are valid reasons. However, beyond that, part of the business journey is the investment you make in yourself and the bold actions that are needed to scale your business.  Here are five key reminders to help you make that mindset shift as you start your new business: 

Jessica Sanon
Mar 7 3 min read

5 Ways to Design Eye Catching Signs and Marketing Materials for your Business

Getting people’s attention to come into your physical location or clicking on your online promotion is the first step to getting them engaged with your brand. Amazing service and exceptional products create loyal customers but how do you get their attention for the first time and keep them coming back for more? Here are five things you can do to get customers to notice you.

Sharon Brewster
Feb 24 2 min read

These 6 Signs Led Entrepreneurs to Start Their Own Business

You've probably been thinking about starting your own business for a while. Maybe you've even taken the plunge and started your own company on the side. But how do you know if entrepreneurship is really for you?  Here are 6 signs that led some entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

Staples Spotlight
Feb 24 5 min read

Why Automating Your Business is Smart for Scaling and Profits

Every business owner should strive for more automation in their business to increase performance and reduce overall costs. Manual processes can be very inefficient. A few years ago, I worked with a client who was printing off hundreds of invoices and scanning them back into their system. This was their process and they didn’t know of a more efficient way to do things. I showed them how to save to a PDF rather than printing each invoice and this simple process saved them a tremendous amount of time and money.

Kristy Barber
Dec 30 6 min read

Planning for Profit in 2022: A System to Make it Happen

It’s that time of year again! Holidays are done. More importantly – Holiday spending is done. And it’s time to look ahead into the new, exciting year and plan out how you’re going to make it the best one yet! Budgeting or Projections may be on your mind and with those, generally there is a focus on the bottom line, i.e., profit.

Kasey Anton
Dec 21 4 min read

Holiday Postcard Tutorial for Small Businesses

How does the holiday season always sneak up on me? I don’t know if it happens to anyone else but once summer is over, it’s unofficially holiday season for my shop. When you’re a mom to a toddler, it’s important to be able to get things done quickly.

Leslie Tieu
Dec 15 5 min read

Modern Work — Modern IT Security

Work flexibility has changed the cyber-threat landscape for your business. It’s not that the threats didn’t exist before, it’s just that certain ones are now highlighted because when an employee is working remotely, they might be in any number of places — coffee shops, co-working spaces, their own home or their car at their kid’s soccer practice. Traditional IT security solutions dealt with security as a castle with a moat, or if you prefer, a walled garden. In either case, today the moat is dry and those garden walls have crumbled. Data and people flow with ease in and out of your business.

Amy Babinchak
Dec 8 5 min read

Synergy is Your Superpower: Building the Relationships that Will Power Your Business

First, congratulations! You are amazing! You have joined the ranks of people creating businesses that power our economy, employ thousands and create the solutions of the future. Like all trailblazers, you are facing unique challenges. It’s not as simple as checking off the boxes on a list of How to Start a Business. The entrepreneurial journey takes persistence and foresight. Sometimes, it will feel like you are the only person to see what is possible.

Blanca Catalina Garcia
Nov 22 4 min read

Taking Your Social Media Strategy to the Next Level

So, you’ve reserved the handles for your business social media accounts and maybe have begun to post and interact on different channels. Now what? Watch these quick videos filled with tactical tips from social media experts and business owners on how to up your social media game.

Staples Spotlight
Nov 22 5 min read

Organization is Key: How to use Color to Create an Effective System to Organize Your Home Business

If there is one thing we can all agree on no matter what type of business you run, it is that organization is key. I run and operate a creative business that includes making and selling colorful products that I design, as well as creating DIY and craft projects that I share on my blog and social media. That means not only am I stocking photography props, but also product supplies, shipping supplies, and craft supplies. Organizing inventory, art supplies, and shipping supplies by color will help you in quickly knowing where to pull your products from as you work.

Kara Whitten
Nov 19 4 min read

3 Small Business Tips to Stand out this Holiday Season

Tis’ the season to be jolly… and take advantage of this shopping season by standing out amongst your competitors. As small business owners we have to be crafty and smart with how we utilize our money and resources. Especially during a season where our wallets run just as thin as our time. You might see big box names going ALL out during the holiday season to sway browsers and patrons to shop even more from their store with big ad spends and fancy marketing. It might seem intimidating BUT there are changes you can make as a small business to get noticed.

Desiree Siegfried
Nov 19 4 min read

How to Cut Through the Noise And Get Noticed This Holiday Season

The holidays mark a time of connection, generosity, joy, and gift-giving. That makes it the perfect time to cut through the noise and get noticed. If you leverage the best of the season in your business, you will stand out and attract more opportunities.

Laura Rubinstein
Nov 17 4 min read

Veteran-Owned Business Spotlight

In the United States, there are more than 2 million veteran-owned businesses. According to the Small Business Administration, veterans are 45% more likely to be self-employed than non-veterans. Perhaps because the same qualities that make up a good soldier — perseverance, discipline and leadership, are what drive success for entrepreneurs.

Staples Spotlight
Nov 9 6 min read

7 Ways Your Small Business Can Stand Out This Holiday

The holidays create a wonderful opportunity for businesses to close the year out on a strong note, but competition will be fierce. As you plan your holiday campaigns, get creative by trying one of these ideas to help your business stand out and win holiday sales.

Nicole Krug
Nov 4 5 min read

Design and Print Your Own Custom Product Labels

Packaging labels are the face of your product, and branding is how customers connect with your business. A smart and stylish design is key, whether you’re a side hustler that’s turning their part-time passion into a full-time profession or a small business owner who’s ready to take their look to the next level.

Staples Spotlight
Oct 26 3 min read