Getting people’s attention to come into your physical location or clicking on your online promotion is the first step to getting them engaged with your brand. Amazing service and exceptional products create loyal customers but how do you get their attention for the first time and keep them coming back for more? Here are five things you can do to get customers to notice you.


Use bright graphics, high contrast colors, and easy to read fonts to attract customers who may be driving, walking, or scrolling by. 

  • Use your logo boldly in your brand colors. If your brand colors are not bright, consider expanding your color palette and using bright colors when needed.

  • Avoid cursive, handwritten fonts and use bold fonts with letters that are easy to read from a distance.

  • Use colors that stand out when used together and avoid colors that blend or vibrate when placed together (ie red and blue layered together).


Select materials to make your indoor/outdoor sign stand out.

  • Consider the environment, take note of other signs, graphics and landmarks in your area space. 

  • Take a walk or drive around your area – see what signs stand out most to YOU (or ask your family members and friends to do this too).  Take pictures, make note of what stands out most and is ideal for your type of business and space (wall decals used as wall décor, die-cut yard signs, posters with adhesive to attach to store registers, etc.). You may also want to take note of what you don’t like so you know what to avoid.  


Less is more! Embrace negative/empty space. 

Make it easier for your audience to be drawn to what you want them to focus on. Designers have mastered the art of using negative space to draw attention to what’s important. Clutter makes it difficult to read your message quickly. Decide what you want your audience to focus on and make that the focal point of your sign/graphic. Don’t try to cram everything you do onto one sign.


Make sure your product and/or services are clear. 

If your logo or name does not clearly state this there’s a few things you can do: 

  • Use recognizable icons to convey your primary service or product. Icons also make your message accessible to more people.

  • Put your tagline under logo (should be easy to read but smaller than your logo).


Establish a hierarchy of content and use it consistently to guide customers to your business and through their experience with your brand. 

  • Signage: Your logo (if you have one) should be large and the business name clear. Think of making your signage as a potential landmark for people passing by, easy to find and noticeable.

  • Marketing materials: (business cards, brochures, etc.): 

  • Have a headline, it should be the largest statement on the page.

  • Subheads, quotes/testimonials, stats should stand out but not compete with the headline…it’s in support of the headline and point being made in the body text (paragraphs).

  • The Call-to-action can be the second largest content on the page with minimal words, should explain an action with details (name, phone number, or email) so your customer knows what to do and expect.

  • Logo placement. Ideal placement is the top left corner (ie on websites) or bottom right corner (ie on flyers and brochures).


How your brand shows up on signs or on marketing materials can make or break your customer’s first impression of you and your business. By following these tips, you can be sure to maximize your brand presence.