The holidays mark a time of connection, generosity, joy, and gift-giving. That makes it the perfect time to cut through the noise and get noticed. If you leverage the best of the season in your business, you will stand out and attract more opportunities.


Here are seven strategies to forge meaningful connections with your past, present, and future clients to build a stronger, more profitable business.


Go old school — Give a gift.

Sending out thoughtful and personalized gifts to your top clients (current, past, and those you want in the future) is a heartfelt way to stand out and be their top choice for the product or service you provide.


Reach out on LinkedIn.

Consider reaching out on LinkedIn to your fellow alumni, past clients, and existing clients. Let them know you're wishing them a fantastic holiday season and offer to stay in touch in the new year.


Acknowledge the newest connections and followers.

Make a big deal of your new connections on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Use the power of the direct message. With a personal (non-spammy) message, you can wish them a safe and healthy holiday and a phenomenal new year. Ask for their mailing address and send them a greeting card with a coupon or send it by email or in a direct message.


Find opportunities to network.

With the virtual world exploding due to pandemic conditions, there is an abundance of opportunities to network online. Attend a few virtual networking meetings during the last 60 days of the year and you'll grow your pipeline and you may even find joint venture opportunities.


Offer a virtual gift.

Chances are you and/or your team members have valuable knowledge that you could combine into a content-rich format and give away in exchange for an email address and/or mobile phone number. Consider creating a white paper, case study, infographic, webinar/presentation, or even a strategy consultation.


Be generous with your time.

Set up a calendar booking system with 15-minute virtual collaboration meetings. Send the link out offering to connect your clients and prospects with someone or a resource they need as your holiday treat for them.


Follow up with this year's connections.

Make a list of your hottest potential clients (aka people you met this year who haven't yet done business with you but you are pretty sure they could benefit from your services). Do something radical and call them. Leave a voicemail and follow up with an email. As they say, your "fortune is in the follow-up."


Bonus: Get Assistance.

You don't have to do this on your own. Get assistance. For example, getWise has thousands of experts that can help you with everything from marketing, you can even schedule a call with me, to finance, HR and more. My agency, Transform Today team also supports business leaders in developing and implementing holiday connection strategies that get them noticed and set up for an exceptional new year. 


This article was written in partnership with getWise - a technology platform that provides on-demand expert advice for small businesses and women to accelerate their business or career.  

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