So, you’ve started a business in your community and are excited to welcome your first customers! As you plan your growth strategy, don’t forget about local organizations that can help, such as the Chamber of Commerce. 


The Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization that advocates on behalf of the local business community. It is led by a board of local businesspeople, who work together to create an environment in which businesses can succeed. As a proud member of over 950 local Chambers, Staples stores know a thing or two about the benefits of joining: 


  1. Get the Word Out. 

Chambers typically offer marketing opportunities for their members, which can increase awareness about your business.  From targeted emails and newsletters to event sponsorships and discounts, each Chamber’s advertising packages are a little different to meet the needs of their members.  Oftentimes, you can create a custom campaign to achieve your marketing goals. Additionally, some Chambers also have an online and/or physical member directory where you can list your business to increase its visibility and attract more customers. 


  1. Make the Right Connections. 

Sometimes it’s not about what you know, but who you know. Joining a Chamber will give you access to an active group of local businesspeople, who can help you understand the local market, connect you with others, and offer expertise or mentorship. Additionally, memberships often open the door to customer referrals. When a need arises that your business can fill, your Chamber is likely to refer you. Host a Chamber meeting or attend a Chamber networking event to meet fellow members and to start building important relationships that can help your business grow. 


  1. Get Support & Resources.

 If you have a business need, the Chamber of Commerce can likely help you. They will either provide a solution or connect you with somebody who can. Additionally, the Chamber of Commerce is a great resource for learning about your local business community and the issues that are important to it. Chambers work directly with local government organizations to provide information about topics that can affect your business, such as local legislation, permitting, and taxation. Chambers also provide educational resources to help you stay abreast of current business trends, concepts, and strategies. Reach out to your Chamber to understand what is available to you.      


Ready to enjoy everything the Chamber offers? Look up your local Chamber of Commerce and contact their office for information about membership options and corresponding benefits. Your level of commitment should be based on the results you want to see. You can also check out our Community Business Directory to see which Chambers are near you. 


Already a member and want to show your appreciation?  This year, National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day is on 10/20/2021. Reach out to your Chamber leadership to thank them for everything they do. Better yet, refer a new member or tag your Chamber in a social media post with a testimonial about how your membership has helped your business.   


Remember, supporting your local Chamber of Commerce means supporting local businesses.