Podcasts are everywhere! In fact, 41 percent of the US population listens to podcasts at least once a month. How can you make sure to meet your audience where they are and start using podcasts to market your business and grow your brand? We asked Ina Coveney for her top 10 podcasting tips to get you started.


Ina is a Boston-based business coach and podcaster, and she specializes in helping new entrepreneurs get clients when they have a tiny audience. She worked in corporate for 15 years before deciding to go off on her own and create a freedom life, which worked out in her favor as she was able to be home with her kids when the pandemic hit. Now she works from home serving clients online and spends most of her time marketing her services on social media and The Global Phenomenon Podcast.


Ina’s Tips:


1. Use a microphone

Poor quality audio is like nails on a chalkboard to listeners. Don’t hurt their ears! Invest in a great microphone and give your podcast a chance to rise above the noise!


2. Speak with purpose

The best podcasters have a clear vision for their audience. They use their voice to guide their audience to grow their business, live a better life, or learn a new skill. Choose your message and turn your listeners into superfans.


3. Believe in yourself

And not in the corny after-school special kind of way, but in a serious “I know I can do this” way. Your mindset is the key to you sticking with it and not quitting too soon. Envision yourself where you want to be, and don’t stop until you get there.


4. Build community

Don’t post and ghost! Use free social media platforms to bring your listeners together. Maybe even start an online group where you can get them talking about your episodes and get them to share with you what they would like your next episode to be about.

5. Monetize

You might think you need a large following to start monetizing your podcast, but here’s an insider’s secret: you can find sponsors at any level! Most large retailers have a partners/referral program. Become a member and start advertising products you believe in!


6. Your audience is the boss

If you are starting a podcast as a self-indulgent “Dear Diary,” then have fun with those low download numbers. If you truly want to grow, talk about what your audience wants to hear. The trick is to give it your personal and unique spin. Take what they want to hear, and inject your personality on every episode.


7. Collaboration over competition

Feeling like there already are too many podcasts like yours? GREAT! That is validation that your topic has legs! Embrace other podcasters in your space and think of ways to share audiences, and perhaps even feature each other, especially if you have complementary business offers.

8. Promote Promote Promote

Contrary to popular belief, pushing “Publish” on your first episode will not blast a notification to the New York Times! It’s up to YOU to get your podcast in as many ears as possible! Start by creating a profile on social media and engaging with other business owners who speak to your same audience. You’ll be a part of the community in no time!


9. Join the Podcasting community

Podcasting doesn’t have to be a lonely affair. Join local podcasting communities like the PRX Podcast Garage in Boston, attend conferences like Podcast Movement or She Podcasts, mingle with other podcasters in your field, and contribute to the larger mission of the podcasting universe!

10. Be consistent

Picture your superfan getting on their treadmill at 6am (like they do every Tuesday) to listen to you aaaand… you’re not there. Choose a publish frequency and stick with it to build trust with your listeners.


To hear more from Ina, visit at theglobalphenomenon.com or @yourengagementcoach.