If there is one thing we can all agree on no matter what type of business you run, it is that organization is key. I run and operate a creative business that includes making and selling colorful products that I design, as well as creating DIY and craft projects that I share on my blog and social media. That means not only am I stocking photography props, but also product supplies, shipping supplies, and craft supplies. Organizing inventory, art supplies, and shipping supplies by color will help you in quickly knowing where to pull your products from as you work.


Organizing Product Inventory by Color

For large supplies and product inventory, I choose to organize by color because it helps me visually see what product is running low so that I can restock quickly. For this I use these large stack and pull bins. Not only are the bins clear so that you can quickly see the product inside, but I like to customize them by painting the lids to match the color of product inside, so that when I need to pull inventory, I can quickly see which bin I need. These bins easily stack on top of each other making storage a breeze.



Organizing Photo Props and Art Supplies by Color

For photography props like paper, scissors, paper clips, etc., I tend to also organize by color. I find this helpful for my product photography so that I can easily pull a specific color palette that I need to prop out a photo during a photo shoot. I also use this method to sort craft supplies like yarn, card stock, and paint so that I can easily find and access the colors I need for a project. My favorite way to do this is to use this 6 drawer storage cart. The unit can be used with or without wheels to move around my office as needed for propping out photo shoots or to move to my craft space. Each drawer holds the craft supplies I need sorted in rainbow order. To customize further you can paint each drawer the color of the supplies it holds with acrylic craft paint, or you can use label paper to print colored tags for each drawer to list what items that drawer contains for optimal organization.



Organizing Office Supplies by Type

Now there are sometimes when color just won’t suffice. That is when organization by type comes in handy. The same 6 drawer storage cart mentioned above can be used to organize by type as well. Scissors in one drawer, paper in another, paper clips and binder clips in yet another. By organizing this way not only will you know where everything is when needed but seeing when items are running low is as easy as pulling open and drawer.



Being able to quickly determine when to restock essentials is key to keeping your business running smoothly. So, no matter if you are organizing your product by type or color, having a labeled spot for each item helps not only keep your workspace clean, but let’s you quickly restock as needed.