Receiving a delivery is always exciting, but when the unboxing makes someone stop and say “whoa” — that’s unforgettable. By elevating your packaging, you can turn ordinary shipments into extraordinary moments for your customers. Let’s look at what you need to create an experience and how to build your brand in the process.


Step 1: Start by adding some style. Most poly bags and boxes aren’t going to stand out from the stack of packages. Stylish shipping boxes with stripes, polka dots or brushstrokes will immediately catch a customer’s eye and pique their curiosity.


Step 2: Personalize your print products. Introduce customers to your business and your brand’s personality. Matching marketing materials pair perfectly with your shipping box and tie everything together as they unpack their order.


Include a thank you note to express your gratitude and create a connection with your customers while adding a personalized touch with your product. Consider giving your customers something to hold on to with specially designed cards with contact information, exclusive discounts, product review requests and more.


Shine a spotlight on your brand with custom labels that create more awareness for your business and effortlessly complement your designs. Check out Staples Print & Marketing Services for even more ideas. From brochures to branded giveaways and beyond, you can create exactly what you need to wow and win customers.


Step 3: Pack and ship it securely. Make sure their order stays safe during delivery with the right packing materials. Consider matching tissue paper or cushioning for an added boost of branding. And once it’s ready, you can count on convenient, reliable shipping with our shipping partners, available at your nearby Staples location.