The time of year when many of us look to reflect and give thanks takes on a whole new meaning considering the challenges 2020 has presented.  This is especially true for small businesses, who have faced unprecedented challenges, but have also seen a groundswell of support from their communities and have had employees rise to the challenge and go above and beyond under the most trying circumstances. 


But like everything else this year, showing appreciation may have to look different in some ways.  Read on for ideas to send a genuine message of thanks to the most important people who support your business this holiday season.



In a world where digital interactions are increasingly the norm, make a statement by mailing a card. There is something special and timeless about opening an envelope addressed to you with a thoughtful message. Take advantage of this inexpensive means of appreciation this year.  For everything from recipient lists to envelopes, check out our stress-free plan for creating the company holiday card, and for ideas on making a statement with wow-worthy cards check out the latest trends.



Customers and employees that went above and beyond this year may deserve some next level thanks, and a thoughtful gift can go a long way in showing your appreciation. When choosing a gift for your employees, consider their possible change in routine and lifestyle this year. If they are required to log in hours at home, this is a great opportunity to upgrade their set up with premium electronics like ear buds and wireless keyboards and mice. Your customers may also be at home more often making comforting gifts on trend like cozy blankets, coffee mugs and k-cups, candles, and snacks.



While holiday parties may not look like those of years past, it’s still possible to scale down while keeping the spirit alive. One option is to keep the guest list small – opt out of plus ones to stick with CDC recommended capacities. You could also try a catered lunch, or a less formal pizza party. If an outdoor soiree is an option, that may be your best solution keeping safety in mind. If an in-person gathering is out of the question, host a virtual happy hour. Send beverages to customers or employees ahead of the event. Hosting an event of any kind can help you re-connect with those who matter most.


Keep it Simple

At the end of the day, make sure your sentiments of thankfulness don’t go unnoticed. If a gift or event isn’t in the budget, a simple verbal thank you can show just how much you appreciate your customers and employees. With countless other businesses competing for your customers’ attention, a “thanks for choosing us” message can solidify their loyalty. As for employees, studies have shown that when they don’t feel appreciated, they can be less productive (and unhappier), so take the time to say thanks. 


Given everything we’ve been through this year, the holidays will be an even more meaningful time to express gratitude (and not just for the fact that 2020 is almost over!)