In this series, we learn from small businesses across the country how they are adapting in the world of COVID-19.


Paul and Katelyn Humphrey quickly became immersed in the coastal Maine community of Kennebunk when they made the move across the Atlantic to run the French-inspired cafe, Mornings in Paris. Right away they invested in an addition to the space that became a hub for local events and fundraisers, and they take pride in being open 365 days a year, knowing their customers have a place to gather on special occasions. For the past three years since they took over the business, they've been in the cafe everyday, interacting with guests and even treating loyal customers to an occasional free croissant on Fridays.  


So it was a difficult decision for them to suspend operations in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Although they are considered an essential business in Maine, Katelyn and Paul felt it was the right thing to do to close the cafe temporarily as they worked to create a solution to keep their customers and employees healthy. After making some adjustments to their space and implementing new processes, they were ready to resume operations.


Watch how Paul welcomed the community back to Mornings in Paris by walking through the new procedures to keep customers and employees safe in preparation for opening day.


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Mornings in Paris is a Parisian styles cafe in the heart of Kennebunkport and Kennebunk. Known for their quality espresso drinks , wide range of freshly baked pastries and macarons, Mornings in Paris roasts their own high-quality coffee which they ship nationwide along with a variety of other items and merchandise.


The cafe has a ever popular curbside patio that is packed normally from May to September. This year will be different but according to owner Paul Humphrey, “we are going to do all we can to give the same happy and pleasant experience that people keep coming back for year after year”.  They are now actively working on the new layout and protocol for the June 1st dining and seating areas to be opened to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all our staff and customers.


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