So, you’ve reserved the handles for your business social media accounts and maybe have begun to post and interact on different channels. Now what? Watch these quick videos filled with tactical tips from social media experts and business owners on how to up your social media game.


3x International Bestselling Author & Speaker. Expert online business strategist and marketing implementer, Danielle Clark can take your biggest challenges with the online space and show you a way through the chaos, avoiding the pitfalls and uncertainties of bringing your business to digital platforms.

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Watch for Danielle’s in-depth dive on utilizing Facebook Groups for your business.



Social Media Trailblazer, National Speaker, and CEO of Streambank Media, Nika Stewart has           built a reputation for turning entrepreneurs and thought leaders into social media superstars. Her company has been building social communities and amplifying the visibility of celebrities and those who should be. Nika helps clients leverage the awesome power of social media to spread their messages and maximize brand awareness.

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Listen to Nika’s top tips on how to create engaging videos that will capture the attention of  your audience.



Jill Salzman turns the mundane into inspiration and transforms the impossible into the achievable. Through defying expectations and breaking the rules, she succeeds in inspiring entrepreneurs to figure out what works for them by using meaningful action to create positive results. Jill is the author of The Best Business Book In The World* (*According To My Mom) and the Amazon best-seller, Found It: A Field Guide for Mom Entrepreneurs. She’s shared the speaker stage with Richard Branson, Sheryl Sandberg, Daymond John, Marilu Henner, and Desmond Tutu among others, and professed her love of Eddie Vedder in her TEDx talk on 11/11/11. She hosts the top-rated entertaining business podcast, Why Are We Shouting?, a question she asks herself daily. CNNMoney calls her a “mommy mogul.” MSN Live says she’s a “Cool Mom Entrepreneur We Love.” Forbes rated her a Top 100 Champion Small Business Influencer and voted The Founding Moms one of the Top 10 Websites For Entrepreneurs. When she's not speaking to audiences in patterned leggings or podcasting from her basement, she fruitlessly tries to convince her daughters that cassette tapes actually existed.

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Don’t discount Twitter! Learn how to use this platform to reach your audience.




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