For many of us, the prospect of working from home may have seemed like it was ripped from a Hollywood movie script. Sleeping in late. Working from the couch in your PJs. Homemade breakfasts. Spending quality time with your significant other.

By now, after weeks of sharing a workspace with your significant other, you know that those Hollywood dreams are not a reality. Instead, you’re trying to get your work done while your partner explains the 47-step process of sharing a screen during a teleconference. And you sit there wondering: “How am I not going to kill you?”

Here are some tips to keep your sanity while working from home with your partner.

  1. Have a Routine

Keep your routine the same every day, just like you were heading into the office. Wake up at the same time, have your coffee and breakfast together, shower and dress for the day. Your coworkers don’t want to see you in your PJs all day — neither does your partner.


  1. Define Boundaries

Designate a work zone for each of you — just like a cube or office at work. This will help avoid unnecessary conflict and establish boundaries. Share your work schedules with each other at the start of the day to avoid disruption on important deadlines.


  1. Make Time for Each Other

Set a lunch break where you and your partner can eat together, totally unplugged from work. And when you both have a few minutes in your schedule, take some to connect with each other.


  1. Designate a Quiet Hour

Every day establish a quiet hour, free from meetings and other distractions. This will give you both time to collect your thoughts and power through projects.


  1. Take a Breather

When the hours are ticking by slowly and your work-from-home willpower is fading, take a break and walk around the neighborhood. A quick breather will recharge you so you can finish the day strong.


  1. Keep the Same Work Schedule

Log off at the same time you normally would at the office. It’s tempting to get a head start on tomorrow’s projects, but instead pocket the time that you would spend commuting and use it productively. Connect with friends and family on video chats, dust off your New Year’s resolutions or start a new home project.