I grew up in a big family, one of five children. Our house was always chaotic. It was the proverbial “take a number and wait in line for the bathroom” situation. There were always people around — lots of them.  

That’s why, when I decided to move out, I wanted to live by myself. And it’s been glorious. There’s never a line for the bathroom.

I’ll admit that sometimes — especially now — I find myself reminiscing about the hustle and bustle of my childhood. While I enjoy living by myself, it can be challenging when you’re at home 24/7. Here are some tips to keep you connected when you’re working and living alone.


  1. Establish a Routine

Keep your everyday routine going. For me, it’s getting up and going to the gym. While gyms are closed, I still do a little exercise when I get up. Then I eat breakfast, pour my coffee and get ready to start my day. A set routine keeps you focused and in a daily rhythm.


  1. Set Work/Home Boundaries

The lines between work and life have blurred, especially when you’re living alone. There’s nobody around to bother you, so it’s easy to get caught up in your work life. You can start falling into a trap of logging on earlier and logging off later. It’s important to set boundaries and keep your regular work hours. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is key.


  1. Prioritize Family and Friends

Call or FaceTime one friend or family member every day. Discuss your day, your challenges, your feelings, the latest Netflix series — whatever you want. By keeping the lines of communication open, you’re getting the daily social interaction that you need. One idea is to set up a virtual happy hour with friends and family. It’s a great way to stay connected and end your day.


  1. Get Fresh Air

When you’re cooped up inside all day working or binge-watching TV, it can take a toll. Getting outside and stretching your legs does wonders to help you de-stress and maintain a positive mindset. Take breaks, get moving and get some fresh air.