If there is anything I have learned in the last 4 1/2 years juggling motherhood and running a business, it’s being intentional with time and staying organized are the most important keys to staying productive and on track with any workload.


I just moved into a new studio space and now more than ever I need to be intentional with my time having so many different avenues and projects I’m working on. If you’re a creative like me then you may understand the (not-so-ideal) way my mind works when it comes to deadlines. I thrive under pressure and for some reason get most things done right before the deadline rather than planning far in advance to space out the workload. This is something I’m working on and to do that I headed to Staples to pick up some new desk supplies to help me manage my time and organize my thoughts and tasks to keep me productive and on track.


Below are three ways I’m handling my workdays like a boss!

One of my favorite items I found at Staples is the productivity cube. It’s small, making it perfect for my desk space, and it’s mighty- helping me know my time limits and manage my list more efficiently. The Productivity Cube has 4 set time intervals (5, 10, 20, and 30 minutes) and is used to help manage time blocking for work as well as building in breaks for self-care. There are many times I’ve sat at my desk doing interviews for my podcast or sketches for a new collection and before I knew it the day was over without ever getting up. Not only is that bad for my body but also for my mind!


I have incorporated using this fantastic little cube each workday to ensure I’m not spending too much time on just one task and so that I am reminded to stand up and stretch. I will set the timer for 30 minutes in the morning to get emails checked and responded to and make sure to stand and stretch or let’s be honest, I use that time to grab another coffee in which I set timer for 5 minutes to make sure I’m not wasting too much time doing that. I also set the timer again midday for 30 minutes for lunch (otherwise I end up eating while at the computer and never get that mental break I so desperately need) and again before I leave so that I can stretch or walk before leaving for home so that I can rest my mind from work before heading home and getting into mom mode (which is more chaotic! Haha).




The second way I have been handling my time a whole lot better is keeping a designated notebook at my computer to ensure my list stays in one place and I can be more productive by crossing off each item. I’m notorious for writing lists everywhere and anywhere, as well as in the notes section of my phone. I like lists and when things come to my mind that need to get done, I write them down. Over and over again. Not saying it’s a terrible thing but having the ONE notebook that stays at work, helps me place all my tasks in one place. So, all of my notes on my phone can be transferred to this one list, helping me keep me on track rather than spending more time each morning writing out another list.


I absolutely love the Poppin collection from Staples with its simple designs and fun colors. I even got matching pens and pen holder to color coordinate my desk. That in itself helps me stay inspired and feel more productive! A messy desk creates a messy mind.




Lastly, the third thing I’ve been way more on top of lately, thanks to Staples, is my marketing supplies for Desiree Hartsock Bridal, like business cards and line sheets, and printing samples of my Prayer Doves prayer cards. Staples makes it so easy for me to do last minute prints of anything I need, and the staff is so helpful with choosing the right paper and options for every design.




Needless to say, Staples is my favorite place on earth! Keeping me organized, productive and on track for seriously ALL of my needs.


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